general help!!!!!!!!!!!
i see your point, but then theres machines such as leps gold, where ive been stung a couple of times now for a board (worst im sure was about £60). when i see one now i just walk away, then theres ESB's, electros, PD's etc, etc. the list goes on. after one of them has been done it would cost a shit load more for a board/for it to offer anything half decent than a munter fluking a good box/win. casuals dont have the latest info either, so have no idea what to play and what not to. then theres the emptiers and stuff. its a minefield.

cant really compare "normal" donds/machines and 500s to any of the above (which im talking about, because players obviously dont bother with the shit machines thats why people have a chance on them lol), as things like ripping a LTD, getting a flicky, reading boxes, etc is at the less extreme, and imo is just slightly easier way to obtain something good on an already buzzed up machine, where the likes of ESB doesnt have to be that buzzed, meaning when you get the JP its even deader than after a normal JP.

as for the 500s people obviously get more raped. they are "random" and the JP is nearly 10 times more than a 70jp, which is bad enough.
Yeah I know there's been a few instances over the years, well more recently for comatosed machines like Amazings/Aliens.Dig it's  it was just a lot of people all to easily blame a thumping by a machine on a player having some knowledge on it.

I know someone recently paid over £200 for phones on a LTD to find it was chipped. Machines in general these days will rape most people wether there's something on em or not.
I think some of the recent stuff, mainly LTD, has been quite brutal. Regularly paying £100+ to get phones is just not right.

As i've said before I'd have left the rip in but removed the stake changing shenanigans. That way there's something for players to go for, but they'll
a) not leave it as dead
b) are less likely to go out of their way to play it
There was people who ustd to leave amazings with jps in, I ustd to max them out 60 for a roll in quid, same as leps golds i will leave as fuckd as ican, if you could dude then you probly would aswell.
Jacks right I leave em the same because its money you want so why leave any for someone else I feel bad for the next average Joe, watched an empire offer pot on 25p but bloke didn't see it n took 10er and repeated it twice for 30 n walked n it took 34 to give n his mate said he put 140 in it n we then got another after about 30 its a box clever lol

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