Mark On Fires 2012 Gambling Diary
(01-21-2012, 01:24 PM)ridye link Wrote: Well I spent £0 on machines at the Liverpool meet so it can be done  lol
ditto, i could be comforted by sticking he head in a bevvy although both mix well, but it not that easy for mark as he doesn't drink respectivley, I'm drinking and playing next week, I'm getting pre meet cold turkey already with me starting in Liverpool for a quick bevvy ot two before the train next fri dance
So you didn't gamble at Liverpool meet either Steel, thats great.  Us 3 not to play anything in York would take a miracle.
Drinking and filming in Liv, trust me Mark, I'm playing in York before and a few days after as well :) lol
do you not play the £500s anymore steel?  havent seen any of your vids for a while
I self excluded myself from terminals, unreal first 6 months beyond belief last year, went sour not long after so i put a stop to them, I do play them but it's if I'm in an arcade etc, i still work full time although I'm getting out playing proper again more that then last year or so when i was limited to bookies through work unless it was a meet, I'm slowly getting back into playing in pubs, but yes i do still play £500's but now getting the more oppotunities now to hit the pubs plus i love a beer with a play.
Date: 22nd January 2012

Location: Felixstowe

Punting Money: £40
Finished With: £0

2012 Total: £965 Lost

Lost £30 on crappy £5 machines in half hour.  Stuck  the last tenner in Clover first spin £2 pied to jackpot.  Played some other games then stuck 30 odd in LOTI.
On a side note my parents have just taken an offer for their house which I live in.  We are on the move somewhere smaller.  Nothing to be proud of living with my parents when I'm 33 years of age.
Wouldn't worry mate, my step mums brother was in his 40's before he moved out
:D Nothing wrong with that, houses are soooo expensive these days :-/
Bought my first house when i was 27. Never really discovered FOBTs then. Thank fook. Sod all mortgage thankfully as the bastard bookie is well looked after.
I rent at a cost of £700 a month if you got a spare room going  :)
I dunno how anyone spends more than 20% on income on housing is reasonable.
There's no way now I'm ever gonna afford to buy my own place unless I get a few thousand £500 jackpots in a row.
(01-23-2012, 11:47 PM)Mark On Fire link Wrote: There's no way now I'm ever gonna afford to buy my own place unless I get a few thousand £500 jackpots in a row.

or one big jackpot playing on £1k a spin Smile
i only spend 10% of my income on the mortgage. they say you shouldnt be paying more than 20-25%...bollocks as i know folks who easily part with 50% plus.
Several years ago I bought a house and had to run up some cards improving the house to a liveable condition, GCH/Carpets/Kitchen & Bathroom.  I then tried to remortgage but they'd only give me a equity mortgage so effectively a 2nd mortgage of 10K to pay off me debts I'd run up, a year or 2 later we tried to remortgage again but once again where knocked back due to our income yet offered another fixed loan so we ended up with 3 mortgages, 1 running 25 year term repayment, 1 running 30 year interest only a 1 running 10 year repayment.

Total mortgage cost was £750 and my take home pay was £1,050. The best thing I ever did was give the bank the keys and tell em to go fuck themselves just as the credit crunch hit.
lol have that bank!
I bought my house for 52K in 2001. When prices went up, I remortgaged twice to stick all my gambling and student debts on it. It is now mortgaged for 120K but only worth 95K. My mortgage is 950 and I have a secured loan for 252 on top of that. This is nearly 40% of my take home pay, which sucks but only for the next 13 years! 12 months left on a debt management plan and 3 months left paying parents = 750 spare per month in a year, which will be nice, but I just can't gamble it all away.
You lot ain't filling me with much hope, looks like parents or renting all the way until I get some kind of big payout from somewhere.
If its any consolation, im paying £695 month rent. Most amount i can get on a mortgage is £120k and house is worth £160k.

To top it off wife is on sick and may lose job, so my diary might be a bit plain for a bit.

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