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This trick is slightly harder and does require an amount of skill from the player, the more skill you have the quicker you'll empty it!!

You only need to play on 10p stake, this way it won't cost you as much to get each feature....

Your aim it to get on the feature, once on the board 99.9% of the time it'll offer you a couple of gambles either side, your aim is to get the 2nd feature 'win stopper' this is a skill-stop feature using the dial to the right of the reels.

When you collect the feature you'll see 3 lights flash round the dial, just hit it when one of them is over the last number, it will then put you up by one cash amount but drop to 2 lights, hit it again for another cash boost and it'll drop to one... This is where it gets a bit harder, the one light will flash round the dial and you just have to hit it on the 'win' digit, my average is around £6 and my best is £10. This feature is not rigged and if you hit it on the right digit it will stop exactly where you hit it.

But that isn't the end of it!

This feature is actually free, meaning that the machines % isn't affected when you get a win from it, say the machines ready to pay out a win of £15, even if you collect the feature 3 times getting £8 each time, the machine will still be ready to pay out the £15 + the extra for what you've put in!

An average board will cost between £1-5 so it isn't the quickest emptier ever but if you can hit £8 each time you'll have the full float soon enough!

We've tried this method on around 15 different machines and only found one which was chipped, you'll be able to tell this from the first feature as it won't be skill stop, you'll find even if you hit the light on the correct digit that it will skip off.
i haven't posted here for an age, and this is a very strange topic to bring back to life after 7 years... but i've actually just found somewhere that has one of these £35 and remember there was a way to absolutely kill them, but just couldn't remember so came back here!

The machine was pretty buzzing so I just had a bit of a play and forced a couple of MS's but if anyone doesn't mind taking the time to give some advice how to maximise the profit from this it's be appreciated. I'm sure there have been numerous chips on this over time, but maybe there is still a way?
Had a bit of play and forced a couple of MS’s

How things have evolved in 8 you get no play and force for about 200 MS’s to achieve a ceetsetfyfufit bbbhyyfdtdyugugu

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