Sorry They Have Taken So Long Videos From Butlins
£5 Machines

Butlins £5 Jackpots Part 1.wmv

Over 18s

Butlins Over 18s.wmv

£500 Jackpot

£500 Butlins Videos.wmv
well done m8 some gr8 movies there GTFIT
Nice one mate, great watch them Vids
great vids there, enjoyed watching them, some nice  pie as well,  GTFIT
Thanks guys PS can a someone move this post too fruit videos god knows why I put it here
50 free spins on £2 stake and you got less than half the jackpot? That was a bit tight  lol
Nice videos mate, had to laugh at "silly walk" lol - the machine sure as hell takes the piss though
excellent and a shit load of  GATW great to watch  GTFIT
great video's there mate , nice few  GATW
they were def worth the wait
Excellent videos mate, almost felt i was playing the machines myself because they were that good.
nice vids there mate GTFIT
nice vids !!! , thats wat i like 2 see , butlins left on bricks  GTFIT
really nice watch them vids, cheers matey, well worth the wait  drink
must have been pumped every day as half of the vids are the same machines lol

shame on you for the missed 70 box on hot property though, especially after all them gatws you should know the machine back to front :)
Alright blood!! , is this the place that has ant and deck, big reds, ah cabinet of somesort, old school rainbow riches, ah star wars, crack the code cluedo and a 4 player gold rush in the 18 bit?? ah went there couple of months back and have a couple of vids to upload inc. a decent roll in on 2quid stake .

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