Why are you still here?
Why do you come here?
Chit chat, My days & having a snoop at whats being released

What do you like about here?
Everything, the community is a great one and has stood the test of time, sure we've lost a few people but we've also gained many more, and the board is a doddle to use

What dont you like about here?
The lack of Pies Sad

What do you thinks missing from here?
And his videos, the quality was beyond HD o:

what dont you ever use on here?
Bookies section?

Going back to pies.... I remember him uploading a clip of a 50 or 70 bank on a DOND  & he claimed it was his..... when it was his cousins :')
We may not of seen the last of pies :)
I come here for the friendly general banter,and to read what everyones been upto,not played a machine since may but i aint retired as i know it's hard work,my 6 months self exclusion from everywere is up in novemer so i'll proberbly have a punt and see how it goes  :) you have a great forum here lads keep up the good work your doing  drink
pies is like colonel gaddafi, a misunderstood chap. Get him back!  dance

I set him a Task so I expect it to be Completed
"I tell ya what I'll do, if you don't complete it you get a caravan for our ma and banned from potty...If you do complete it, fuck it, you get to come in the site for free!"


CEO of JPF Japan. Coming to Japan? PM me for signtseeing, drinking and gambling.
Why do you come here?
Only just joined so I'm at the embryonic stage of interest.

what do you like about here?
Friendly like minded people into same thing as me.

What dont you like about here?
Nothing yet. Give me time.

What do you thinks missing from here?
Secret live webcam link to an arcade/casino

what dont you ever use on here?
What is there to use?
Pies - what a lad he was ha. I remember one of his rants at Matt aka arlo that had me in stitches & not to mention his videos..sheer class lol
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
your signature is why i come here...
first saw the link on a you tube vid............was sneaking in avin a peak  lol

but thought id join, seems good, bit of a read

good to read the my days etc,

just wish somebody would tell me how to get over the dings .............on ring sting  lol
(09-08-2011, 02:04 PM)streakseims link Wrote: Why do you come here? to learn about fruit machines as i stopped playing them in preference of FOBT

what do you like about here? the stories and video's people post about their wins and losses

What dont you like about here? people who post nasty shit about other members

What do you thinks missing from here? a betting syndicate

what dont you ever use on here? my day but i will start posting a daily diary

Answers below please as Im interested
just makes me wanna go on my first meet NOW!!
Why do you come here? Because i was on board from way back in the jackpotforums days and it was the natural thing to do, plus i used to be a BL4K camera man, altho i have been pretty much out of the loop for a while and havent visited here hardly at all over the last little while.

What do you like about here? The friendly atmosphere and no argy bargy.

What dont you like about here? I dont know how to use the forum very well yet, still remember the zetaboards board which i was familiar with, guess its all down to practice lol

What do you thinks missing from here? My 'the saga that is clarkeys love life' staffroom thread from the old forum  lolol

all joking aside tho, i did love being staff on the old board, (the banhammer :D) but i understand that having a staff member who doesnt really know anything about machines isnt in the best interests of the site, a bit like having a mechanic who cant change spark plugs haha

What dont you ever use on here? Football section as i dont really follow footy.
I firstly joined from hearing the name mentioned on you tube, buddyloves vids i think. Since i joined i can't stay away! Great stories, My days. I will be on my first meet at london, I hope to improve my knowledge of machines and to just meet like minded people to have fun with!
Why do you come here? Because i like fruities, and my lifes gone a little downhill, so the tiny few hobbies and interests i had before have pretty much vanished, and i went from being more of a post whore than steelfix to just cruising round here because its so chilled and laid back

What do you like about here? very laid back. some forums wont even let you say the word crap or something, and here we all just use and abuse each other. its just like being in a virtual pub.

What dont you like about here? some of the sections are pretty pointless and clutter it up for me, and it can be a bit quiet sometimes. id rather have it like this though as we all know each other, or atleast know of each other, rather than a packed forum full of strangers. i also dont like the fact we dont have a proper forum logo and things. being a computer geek id constantly be tweaking this forum/making it look and work nice if i was running it, but at the end of the day i appreciate that most of you dont give a shit about that as long as it works, which is fair enough really lolol

What do you thinks missing from here? whatever i posted above i guess... and girls. ive been on a lot of forums and girls are pretty hard to come by, which sucks really. then again this forum is about fruities, cursing each other, boobie pics, etc, so maybe its best it stays girl free lol 

What dont you ever use on here? Football section, bookmakers, and all of the other random looking ones. i also dont go into the intro section much, as im mean lol ... well usually i pop on for a quick check so look at the main sections first, its only then i get roped in to stay longer.
Because I like the place! There's a few boys here(members) who are top notch.. nice guys..thats what makes me stay..
Why do you come here?
I like a gamble, got to know a lot off here even just as many in person as well, made some good mate's, this emoticon  sheep an steely

It's also somewhere you can go to talk about any gamble without hearing the "there's only one winner shite". hammer

what do you like about here?

People on here, banter, talk about any old shit good or bad

What dont you like about here?

Not being able to post videos off my old channel from having nearly everything possible that could have been done on a RR P.O.G video'd

to deleting the channel like a cock 6 days after it was stated that any channel after a certain date can't be retrieved, but thats my fault and It's not

really and answer to the question plus I'll get over it so next question.

What do you thinks missing from here?

staff room super model sex den, apart from that not much really apart from meets should come quicker.

what dont you ever use on here?

Not much I don't really use on here but the least would be the £5 JP section, I know some of the members love them and quite a few bob

can be made from them but sorry, unless their old school they just bore the shit out off me, prob why weirdly I went on a £5 JP DF in Blackpool

this year after a main meet come mini meet and it took £11 for a board which flashed then tried for another and it gave 20p of that flat so it got quite

a boot, fucking thing, never forget that, sure Blue streak was playing a Eachway Nudger Crystal rebuild behind me sniggering.

Ive prob got loads more to add that'll do for now lol drink everyone

Why do you come here?to learn how to play the slots like DOND RR & BLOODY STAR WARS

what do you like about here? most of the members seem decent and are happy to share their knowledge, i cant wait to the york meet to see what goes on and to meet the good folks at  Jackpotty Forums

What dont you like about here? people who slate THE 5 TIMES CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE..... LIVERPOOL  lol

What do you thinks missing from here? a facebook page

what dont you ever use on here? there's probably a few i dont write on but i will always read the posts, like the mobile phone thread and xbox thread not really follow it but i enjoy what people write

im here because I like to suck donkey dick and advertise my shit fake pills to people.

what do you like about here?
Its easy to navigate this forum meaning I can use one hand to type and the otehr to use my barbed wire anal beads

what dont you like about here?
People who are far superior to my porcupine-anal-fantasizing self keep removing my links to shit cheap fake pills.

what dont you ever use on here?
The hot pornstar thread because im too busy shagging susan boyle to want to look at anyone else

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