New shark one
Funny thing is if you are talking about the, well lets say original Batman- that came out about 2016- i dont know if there was a say 90s version, then it doesnt cost loads for a board it takes probably about 6-8 quid for a board and rarely over 10, however the chance of being offered more than 4 quid is small therefore making every go seem expensive and a loss. If you are talking about the Gotham city one yeah every boards about 20 quid.
They are on about power up
That original batman chip Jesus so glad they changed that or it would have been very expensive for the bust!
Crafty way to ensure they passed test
They've tightened the pwofile on this, it hates the britzes dunnit?
(08-13-2019, 10:42 AM)jerz92 Wrote: reflex are taking over!!! with their god awful flat machines making up about 80% of reel based fruits in pubs these days, especially around my area anyway
Same near me Jerz

Einstein, Hamurai, pocket money etc all over. 

That and ipubs.
Bad bad fruits those Reflex, don't like the way they avoid having their logo recognisable, even they know it is off putting to all but the blind!
Saw that new Godfather themed one on the other site, looked promising. Walked up to it in Liverpool spoons, took one look at the reels and immediately felt deflated. They don’t the logo on it, can just tell by the reel designs it’s Bentflex. They have had one or 2 decent releases out of about 100
yeah i saw it too at first glance it looked like sharks of Caribbean. Was in a pub with 2 multis. Just walked out

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