Gambling end.
Been 8 days since stopped slot games. Played all types in arcades from £100 to £500. Also played games like bullion bars, party time and the like.  

The wins are far and few between.  Occasional £200+ wins with early features and streak mixed with constant £500-£1000 losses.

Amount of times I have been £600 deep in a Rainbow Riches chasing a pot which is a guaranteed bronze. Never gold or silver.

Amount of times £600 deep in fishin frenzy or Eye of Horus to reward a paltry £30-£40 which then follows another £300+ for a 2nd feature paying again around the £40 mark.

Even RR £100 at 25p stake can take £150 for fun before giving a silver for £20 or bronze for around £10.

Bullion bars 30p lose like 6 machines on the trot at £30 a shot no features before hitting a machine which pays either a £5 or a £70 streak.

All in all it is a waste of time now.  Vicious game profiles now look at admiral, quicksilvers with the shite on offer.  Bring back the glory days of the £35 jackpots with decent gameplay and fair profiles.  Now pub fruits are 74% it is now contempt for players.
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Can't say I blame ya, 99% of arcades same old same old now. They seem to forget they are just offering online games at worse odds rather than fun games or lower jackpot games.
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Have to agree there, need a Mr P or Reel fruits in every county
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Yeah, big chains like shipleys/cashino/admiral are on average about 90% digital now. Some even 100%. Rare to find a pub fruit cabinet. Shipleys near me scrapped their last one a few months ago but the next one along still has 4.
Mr ps is what all arcades should be tbh! Just money grabbing places wanting to rip you off most of em
Even Mr P is sneaking in the snake £500 and 777 community games! The funniest was when they got in a Reflex Alice fruit and claimed it was a classic!
Tbf at least it will have been on 90%. Does play an okish game on that %!
(06-11-2018, 08:35 PM)jerz92 Wrote: Yeah, big chains like shipleys/cashino/admiral are on average about 90% digital now.  Some even 100%.  Rare to find a pub fruit cabinet.  Shipleys near me scrapped their last one a few months ago but the next one along still has 4.

Yeah they are all just community games, essentially a million copies of the same game, because the arcade knows that they will take the money when people don’t win. At least you CAN win £100 jackpots sometimes instead of the jackpot just being there for show on the reel-based games and people will always play them because of that chance
Funny how all the Europeans especially the Polish will never play anything other than Gaminators!
Yeh they can’t cope with anything more complicated than fruit games with no features etc!
The thing is 15 years back I spent the same time gambling as I have always done but because of the games back then winning was more regular and brains less often. Obviously would be down but had good gameplay and even fun which is a word missing from gambling these days.

The product changing over the years has made losses bigger and more regular. So in a around about way making me a problem gambler when wasn't the case back in the day. Greed from both the companies and the player wanting a big win has damaged the fun aspect now. I have stopped as don't want to continue losing or I'll end up with a big issue in my hand probably ironically outside a Betfred and the like.
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