Blueprint or astra digis
whats the biiggest sited market share now

blue print /betcoms or astra non cashino

as over the last few months the blue print digis are getting bigger then the i pub 2s as i see more king of games titans and betcoms then any i pub 2s or any new bellfruit
Blueprint. Last time I looked there was 10,000 sited. Likely more now. They dominate the 2 biggest cities (London & Birmingham), you really don't need to open that many pub doors until you find one. They also have longevity compared to ipub 2s, which don't even last a full cycle in a spoons down here.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Yeah as most bingo halls have 3 or 6 community cashs and 3 aurora's and a couple of king of games titans with the pub games on
I know of several multi unit pubs that site nothing but blueprint. Most terminals I've seen in a single venue is 5. Can anyone top it?

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