Boulderdash has requested deletion of his (or her/it, as not to assume ones gender) account but has also asked for a message to be posted to let people know if they want to stay in touch they can message me for alternative contact
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Probably for the best after reading some previous posts. good luck to Him/Her.
Good luck Boulderdash in your pursuit of gambling freedom. I’ll be doing the same before I go to the asylum
i have no doubt he will be browsing the forum. his posts felt like mine a little while before i decided to give quitting gambling a proper go.
hopefully he isn't in denial regarding his gambling problem any longer and i genuinely wish him the best for the future ... with or without gambling in his life.
his posts livened up the forum, but it was like watching someone die by 1000 cuts. he reminded me very much of jokepoteer that used to post here
Big step for him. Seems like a genuine bloke. I've got his number. Best of luck Ed (hopefully you don't see this!)

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