Hi lo Hi lo
Fuckin hell this was horrific..heard of storys of people putting 300 in to get the mega, I always thought, eh? most ever for first one been about 200- 210, and your down maybe 60 - 70 quid ,,however,, and seriously even now am like what the fuck,,never seen anything like it in all the time doing them,,so was hilohilo obviously,,went red twice to start, then nothing for a tenner, another couple of reds after a few boards, this time am in for 30 or 40,,so am like fk it as well playing it out,,230 in, still no perma red,,and I shit you not shots hadn't gone by 3 quid,,hadn't totally noticed as I was drinking, but around 200 mark I was like fucks goin on,,300 in,,still no perma red, and shots not above 3 quid, killing me like second spin am like fuck offff,,so turned it off thinking must be caught in a loop or something,,back on another 50 in same shit,,i lost track just over 400 , no red, no shot over 3 quid, I swear,, ive never seen anything like it, even if someone took 150, then a deal for 100 no way it stll play like that? I honestly was in disbelief, I had to leave it,,had money but it just wasn't doing anything,,it was like it was blocking at 3 quid forever in some loop and didn't get one deal at all,, that has to be a record,,over 400 quid down on a betcom surely,,just walked , had too,,has anyone else had that at all??
I think Moff emptied it and got 55 refills yesterday to pay for rehab...
i played one a few weeks back in sheffield, 200 in for a flat,(it was dealing 2nd board) reforced another 150 in for a flat and dead for £20 after, i reckon with all the step buttons etc there might be a possible method/rip?
Welcome to the world of “gambling” aka throwing your money away! The days of getting a quick steal are in the past!
@maz00ma, sorry to hear you had such a shocker!

I've played all (I think) of the 2018 Betcom releases and have had hardly any luck on them at all.

I'm sure Bent.Com have tinkered with the Force margins on their new machines. In fact, I'm positive.

Would make sense I suppose, more money for Bent.com if every force is money back or a loss.

For example, got the cash meter up to £58 for £20 on a Piggy Stardust the other day (so £38 up) after watching some bloke going bollocks into it before. Normally a good indicator for a Force. So did, but cost almost £150 for the cwedit bweak. What happened to my £38 profit?

Hard to resist a new Bent.com though, isn't it? All those flashing lights and, erm, pig references.

So far I've played

Top Tramps (Corn Of The Dead clone)
Piggy Stardust (G2, Corn clone)
Pig Wizard (Olivers Twist clone)
Rainbows Gold (Treasure Island Jackpots clone)
Baking Bad (Popeye clone)

Still to play Hi Lo Hi Lo, but as you say @maz00ma, it's completely different to any other Betcom with all those step reels, so maybe the force is totally different too?

Any other new shitecoms to report?
The Chicken Run clones are good!!!!
yeah they definitely don't play as well as older betcoms,,played hilo a few times with mixed results,,id say worst of the new ones,,even with a rip youd of thought 400+ in it would start doing something,,i honestly just walked from it, defo avoiding it in future!!only other new one ive played is the rainbows gold which plays ok just like jaws but seriously laggy!!
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Top Tramp
Someone had a cash exploder do similar to this Hilo the op had ie 400 in not going over 4 quid. Might just be a buggy unit or something unless there’s an Uber top boy empty.

Played a few hi los ages ago when they were testing em and seemed standard betcom fayre tbh but who knows maybe they’ve altered the program since then.
I played one the other day and got a white flash £65 in. Seemed to progress as normal up until that point though
Marching on together
Played a few units of these. When they first came out of the factory so to speak they were brutal. Know a few folk who put 200 plus in for a flat. Seemed to have settled down a bit now but twist they are not. Also, dont like how on the gamble game you cant get jackpot. Seems pointless.
Every time I've played a machine straight out of the factory (so little digital counter at top right corner is on zero), I've won loads....
£60 into a Shrew for £150.
£70 into a Top Tramps for £100 cash offer (which I stupidly ignored and ploughed on).
£45 into a Twist for £150 in my local...
What does that little digital thing mean anyway?
I assumed it meant money through or money won.
I watched one yesterday before and after a force and it didn't change.
Refill meter so only changes as it's being refilled

Hi low is very tedious and slow.
Oh. How boring!
Fuck me.
Never again.
What a head fuck. A bet.com where you actually have to press more than the start button!
No idea what was going on.
Lucky - had some super spawn.
£1, goes mental and I somehow hi lo hi lo it up to the maximum Can You Dig It.
Take it, it deals to £45 (eyes now on stalks) then take the red Golden Game which gives £48 cash pot then repeats to £96.
Eyes and stalks literally on the floor now.
Play off the rest of my £10 credit for £4 and walk away £90 up in the most baffling £3 of my life.
Was on 74% too.
Never again.
I can see people dying at the change collector trying to force these.
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(05-17-2018, 10:38 PM)streakseims Wrote: Refill meter so only changes as it's being refilled

Hi low is very tedious and slow.

They all are! And they’re all shit!!!£
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Next board will open Oliver’s Treaure Genie Detective Pie Deal! ! !

BUT WHICH ONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Oliver Twist is so so slow and always so so shit too as you know full well it’s gonna cost £110 plus nigh on garenteed unless it’s in some forgotten pub in the Scottish highlands!!!
I'll tell you what's useless on these - Superskillstop on a Corn. Pointless. Had 2 today within the same force. Hit both for Coffin Cash and both times it offered no more than £25 before killing me off.
Played a Toastie for some reason earlier, 175 for a flat, lost 20 after going for "afters". Put 18 into the Bentcom next to it for a board that lost 2nd press. Put 11 in a Nerve for a shit board that I ended up busting to bust.

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