The same story like the other threat this time list your worst experience with slots games

1. Wizard of OS
2. Hot Shots
3. AirPlane
never ever
I've played so many bad slots over the years I can't really think of three.

NetEnt did a game recently called The Phantom's Curse or something and it was really bad, but then they came along with Hotline which I think it pretty good.

I don't like Laser Fruit by Red Tiger at all.

Can't think of another one off-hand; there are so many slots I've played just once, thought they was shit and never played them again so I can't even remember their names.

That Airplane game - it it's the one by WMS you're talking about then yeah, what a shit game that is. I must have sat in the Cosmopolitan in Vegas for 2 hours playing this, trying to get a feature. About 10 times in a row when I got the scatters and had to pick for the bonus I always picked the wrong one. 10 50/50's in a row that all went down. I was either incredibly unlucky or that selection is weighted underneath. The bonus, when I got it, was absolute shit as well, went for $12 or something on a 50c stake. Fucking awful game. At least the pineapple juice the waitress served me was proper juice, not that syrup shit diluted with water.
(05-16-2018, 03:36 PM)Mystery_Plum Wrote: At least the pineapple juice the waitress served me was proper juice, not that syrup shit diluted with water.

Tell me you don't drink if you're tipping a waitress for a soft drink in Vegas....
I don't drink :D
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Did I hear correctly that drinks are not "free" over there anymore?!
Always been free still are but America revolves around "tipping" so your giving $1/$2 for them to go make the drink and bring it to you. Give em $3-$5 and they will be back to you keeping you stocked up if you want to get fucked up
Ah ok. Last time I went it was double premium spirits and shots, even nice cocktails and tip a few dollars. I just heard you don't get that any more on the strip!
At least I won't be having to play Pai Gow if I go back, not if I am paying top dollar for drinks!
You still get most drinks like spirits and cocktails as long as they don't take an age to make there usually included on the list
When did you last go? Going back anytime soon, or are you all moving on a bit?
Eye of Horus!

It's one of those slots where I've seen other people do really well on it. In fact, I've seen it being jackpotted a couple of times by the punters.

Whenever I play it though (and I've given it plenty of chances), £60 vanishes pretty quickly. In fact, I've only ever bonused it once and it went for £10.
Yeah and you can get everything upgraded with loads of spins left and not hit fuck all!
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