Musings about coin mech err 10 or 'The mech snatcher' if you like...
We've had this post multiple times before. Machine errors, player makes a post complaining about frequency of error, player keeps on playing. Life goes on. 

On a Batman a fair way from home the other day. Walk in, bloke sat on a chair, has the phones open. Collects streak. This sort of behaviour continues for about half an hour. 

Up until now and we're talking 4pm ish, quite the shit day in all honesty. So it's a Welcome relief to jump on and see action from all angles. First version that costs £10,000 for a board at times when it gets the hump. Also looks like a tenner spitter and I'm low on tens so bung a ton or so in as various elements refuse to conspire and know that if the next crust misses the boat and removes the goodies early doors I'm paying a further eight billion pounds for my next few dabs even though I'm £6billion pounds over phones. Slight exaggeration. At least due a red reels ffs.  Ok we're onto coins. One coin goes in. It gets stuck. Hmmm. Ok, could leave it and play on twentys. Nope. OCD alert. I fire in another coin to dislodge the blockage. Success! Two coins returned.

Failure! We now have a STRIM ALARM  19 or some such nause. 

Not a problem. We'll get the staff to assist. Reboot and..........Coin mech error 10. Cheers. Can it be fixed today? No definitely not. Can they ring me when it's fixed? No. As I don't have any money left to play or collect, why would they want to ring me? The tone has changed from a helpful one to one of extreme suspicion, PMT and irritation.

I can tell this isn't going well but it's a shit day and there's potentially a few hundred quid at stake so time to pipe up a bit more. 

"Can we give this another power cycle to and leave it on for 30 seconds to see if the alarm clears?"

Apparently we can, but only just and it's through  clenched teeth and rolling eyes to one's colleagues. 

Let's count to thirty shall we?

Nope it's Murray Walker lets count to ONE with me as Rubens Barichello is barely out the hammerhead. ONE and 'oh no this isn't clearing'

"It will it will it will."

"It won't it won't it won't. I've seen this thousands of times before and it never clears." The old bar staff who suddenly go from knowing nothing to knowing it all. Great. 

"But I've just messaged Mole on the WhatsApp group and he says if I press start after thirty seconds it will...."

I don't know exactly how many seconds elapsed before the most irate woman in the world flicked the switch but one thing's for sure, you could count it on the fingers of less than one hand. 

Would I be getting a phone call?

More chance of Brighton Tony turning to Buddhism. 

I'm all out of 'may I please, please may I, may I pleases' and feel about as wanted as a pooter in a funeral wake. 

And that's the story. 

Here's another one. £120 in the bank. There's no £20s left as like a bad curry, the smells repeated. We're onto coins....we're counting down to £100 so that's obviously a dispensation of ten coins followed by a pause and a dispensation of two more coins yes that's right. Ok so we press collect again and now we get a dispensation of four coins a pause followed by a dispensation of fuck all. They weren't five pound coins either. Ok so now we can call someone over, get a pay unit err 17 and then get the rest of the money paid out normally as in £20 for a collection of £20 after the reboot. If it's not notes it's coins. It's all about the coin errors this week. Anyway I pointed out the discrepancy which was noted. The machine is now fully functional, we assume. However my IOU is not. It turns out only Bob deals with the short pays and he's in on Widdershins to the third gibbous moon of the final ascension before Summer. I need to walk in sideways between the hours of a quarter past twelfty and half to the west of an evenly odd day of the week and give the secret handshake to get a direct line to the pet poodle at Gamestec HQ. 

Here's the gripe. If ever I get a short pay or some sort of an error in an arcade, bingo, bookies or casino it's usually in most circumstances resolved there and then and we can move on. 

If I get a short pay in a service station, someone calls me to tell me when the money is in the safe at WHSmiths. It's a bit inconvenient but OK fair enough I guess and I eventually get paid what I'm owed. 

If I get a short pay or error in a pub then it's time to hit the Zantac, Nurofen and Kalms. Not OK. Roll an even to get your money, roll an odd to lose the will.  

I propose all pubs are limited to a new category of machine of which they may have only one. Category W for woozy. 1p max stake, max jackpot 50p. Must be bombproof and made from the highest quality components. If it breaks through sheer technical incompetence, everyone in the pub gets a free alcoholic bevarage on the hour, every hour until it is repaired.

 The END.
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I'm still not 100% sure what you are on about, but still the best thing I've read anywhere on the Internet all month! lol Jackpotty Forums
Ha ha, always nice to hear I'm not the only one!

Just mug the Batman off? Bit of poppin?

I had a coin mech error last week on a baked bean of bullshit, luckily only £37 in, which felt like a result and didn't affect morale!
Hahaha mole!!!
Good to hear another JG tale.
Ive only ever had one coin mech since machines have been 100, lucky? Must be all the notes i put in, but i do generally put some coins in too.
Do remember on a 5 pound darts machine in a bowling ally only a couple quid in and it errors.
Message on screen was 'coin on a string' only seen once, left very quickly, how can i explain that to the probably idiot employee? Musics very loud covering up the 'hay checkitout' thankfully. Brave man to try and get your quid back!
I've had a few. Worst was when I was about 200 miles from home, doing 240 into a box 23 in a fire pub , move onto the coins and about the 3rd one strim alarms and upon restart coin mech error.
The old barcrest machines used to repeatedly shout HEY, CHECK IT OUT! on full volume when it thought it had been strimmed. In dint know about fire, but it usually frightened the shit out of me it was so loud
Oh yeah 'attention call manager' was another
Reflex these days use a wolf whistle (kind of), followed by "check it out"
I got a reel alarm on a Red Rush whilst up north a few weeks back. Wetherspoons pub so normal play the sounds are low/off. Reel goes out of sync and the thing cranks up to the max ear bleeding zone and plays some right groovy heavy dance track that I've never ever heard before.
Oh the looks I got. I was so bemused and a bit drunk that I just decided to start dancing to the only music you'll ever hear in a spoons. The wife didn't know where to look.
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Haha brilliant
That’s the special ‘make the whole pub aware I just put money in a shit machine’ alarm lol
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