National Online Self Exclusion Launched - GAMSTOP
If anyone is having problems with online gambling, the national self exclusion scheme is now active -

Self exclude via this portal and you are instantly self excluded from all UK online gambling sites, no going back!

I hope this helps a few people who are struggling.
Awesome, thank you. I've done 3 weeks now but this'll be the final nail in the coffin, no going back now!
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Just done it. More so for time than cash saving as I had silly limits like 25 a month 10 a week etc. Will stop signing up to new sites though where the temptation is to deposit for max bonus
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I get the feeling the casinos are going to lose a LOT of income from this...
Done and can confirm it's working
I’m Wish they had this in the bookies with facial recognition technology up and down the country!
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