King of Games update?
Has something happened with cash explosion on these??

Loads look like they've been reset which is fair enough but it seems like the 'grenades' don't hang around it you leave the game? Really annoying imo especially if it's a shitty way of clawing a little bit more cash their way. The games are bad enough as it is Angry
Yeah, a couple of the games on there had to be changed
Who cares?! They’re shit!
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How do you know they've been reset?
Sorry ignore that last post,I guess the fact the grenades don't come
back is a bit of a clue.
Spot the problem.

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Wow how does that even happen lol
The screens are plugged in the wrong way around
Yeah I suspect it will be the wire feed from the main board to each of the two screens - probably the same size plug so easy to plug them in wrong sockets.

I am guessing the touch screen ability is only relevant to the bottom screen.

Anyway never seen that before lol
Its been fine for ages aswell. However one day it was like that lol, so someone was messing about with it for some reason. Think i pressed the bottom screen and it wasnt doing anything.

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