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Meh. They don't give a rats ass bit of notice when you're depositing those kind of sums.
Dance the puppet dance for them. Let them play God for a while.
This is exactly the kind of tactic that firmly entrenches me, like you, to not go anywhere near the reverse button and give them that satisfaction. It's utter bollocks playing and trying to manipulate a gamblers psyche. They don't realise that some of us give as good as we get!
LeoVegas, 51% owner of Casino Grounds...the interest your money is earning while locked from withdrawal is probably going straight into the back pocket of Nickslots et al!

Exactly what it says on the tin!

APOLOGIES - YouTube are being crap tonight so the video is stuck at 360p for now, hopefully it'll upgrade to 720/1080p in the not too distant future.

PLEASE NOTE - Contains real money play at Videoslots to make up for the nothingness from LeoVegas.

Bandit had issues with leo recently. Someone called Kim on Twitter helped him out I believe
Kim is joint owner with nickslots of that casinogrounds site. So yeah sounds about right
Marching on together
(03-29-2019, 07:54 AM)Slasher Wrote: Bandit had issues with leo recently. Someone called Kim on Twitter helped him out I believe

Was he complaining at only having a 250% RTP on Reel King and Swarm on their fucking horrible site?
I like Leo. Xmas 2017 I created an account and bought a few white rabbit bonuses. Hit £4k on a £250 buy with about £500 deposited. 

Then went through the faff of providing documents etc.

I withdrew leaving £30 in for the sake of withdrawing a round number.

A bonus on DHV put me over £50 so bought another white rabbit bonus with it. Went for £1k!!

Withdrew the whole lot no problem to leave me probably even online and I’ve not played since :)

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