What are these 2 machines
A couple of old pics of Play The Game I came across - £70 version

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Hum. Cant say ive ever seen a 100 version of play the game. Yeah dont think ive ever seen mega go past too. Sort of machine ud put 30-40 in for 70 on on ok day, which is good - its 50% of the jp. Always found boards cheap, progressive machine, could tell when its playing. Can gatw for 140, presumably maybe even 210? A good machine
I've got a couple of vids of the 100 on my YouTube
Nowhere near as good a machine as even Double Chance imo, which is my dividing line between shit and just above shit.

Wouldn't be buying a drink to go in and see a board or 2 for life and the bust going means fuck all really unless you take about a score off it as never been able to get much more off it so far!

Of course I come from the angle of targetting machines that usually yield decent profit or risk is minimal. All these sort of games I'm jumping on if I see them dealing but that's about it.
Board or two on play the game is a score more often than it isn't! Atleast it doesn't reroll the box like some of them though.
Absolutely agree double chance miles better, though if thats the dividing line id like to know how many machines better than double chance, not too many imo, and some of those could be potentially more dangerous.
(04-16-2018, 08:06 AM)dondplayer Wrote: A couple of old pics of Play The Game I came across - £70 version

The machine in your picture to the right of Play The Game was called Let's Play, which was one of my favourite Deal machines.  I likened it to Psycho Cash Beast with the progressive knocking out of levels.

It was from the early Deal era (2006 to 2009) where it was popular to create hybrid machine of Deal with an earlier fruit machine.  Examples were:

4-reeler = Deal + Take The Piece
Can You Beat The Banker = Deal + Monopoly 2003
What's In Your Box = Deal + Gettin' Ziggy Wit' It
The Power 5 = Deal + Games Media (Money Magic etc)
The Dream Factory = Deal + The Royale Banker

Conversely, Barcrest responded to the Deal craze in 2007 with Open The Box which was a cross between their earlier title Take Your Pick and a kinda Deal / process of elimination type game.  It had the mirror as well like what Bellfruits had.  2007 was an era long before Barcrest started producing their series of Take It Or Leave It games.
(04-16-2018, 08:12 PM)Mr Move It Wrote: The machine in your picture to the right of Play The Game was called Let's Play, which was one of my favourite Deal machines.

Good morning Cf
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(04-18-2018, 07:40 AM)ridye Wrote:
(04-16-2018, 08:12 PM)Mr Move It Wrote: The machine in your picture to the right of Play The Game was called Let's Play, which was one of my favourite Deal machines.

Good morning Cf

When I re-uploaded that pic I noticed the Let's Play and thought of Cf
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Ahh I didn't know that CF was a fan of Let's Play. I just preferred the earlier DONDs (2006-2009), but I think the feeling is mutual there across Jackpotty Smile
2013 for me....
Lp dond was the first 70 i ever played. Got a gatw the first time... or maybe a few days after it was sited maybe i cant remember

Wasnt the best but far from the worst back in the day.
I quite liked it, nothing amazing when it comes to methods really but was a fair game!!
Let’s Play DOND is awesome.

So much so that I have one in my house :)
Yeah not a bad game, when people talk about betcom stuff or red rush/daddy blocking at whatever, they really are forgetting stuff like this blocking at 2 quid though. When on the take it really wouldnt give 3 quid on cash side, just 1.50 or 2 and a couple of really low features on the first zone. Cob was very harsh too. Did like to do 140 off gatw though.
Made it awfully obvious not to play it, which was part of its charm. Betcoms are sneaky in that they can offer £40 in pie in the sky, for example, so you might think it's close, but then take over £150 more for a flat mega. So although you're blocked at £10 on cash shots, it's only really the board before it goes in that it starts offering £25.
Yeah ive seen people say that but for me once it starts offering 40 quid plus on the pie in sky, its never been more than 50 away from jp, which of course could be flat. Thing is for me its usually 80 in before it starts doing that so 130 in is hardly useful. The amount of times ive had jp without ever being offered the 25 cash shot is huge too, though u like to see it offered as u think u are close, especially 25 red. Again if u are offered 40 plus off the chefs hat, for me its never far away too.
Regarding the OP here is proof that it is the 2 machines Fenso correctly stated, picture taken tonight

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What a strange way of positioning them, would be cosy if someone already on one!

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