What are these 2 machines

Anybody know what these two are ?

I have now realised what the first (left) one is but I'll let others guess - clue is the feature board shape.

The light is bad for the second one but somebody may be able to ID it.

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Bullseye on the oche and dond play the game
Marching on together
(04-15-2018, 08:53 AM)Fenso Wrote: Bullseye on the oche and dond play the game

Well done mate :-/

Especially on the Bullseye one
I found a bullseye a couple days ago. Quite rare now
(04-15-2018, 11:42 AM)streakseims Wrote: I found a bullseye a couple days ago. Quite rare now

I found that pic whilst looking for something else on the net - apparently it's only a month old so those two probably still there.
I've got one too, good games but I do prefer bank on it

And speaking of play the game, does anyone know if mega can break off the bust? I've been told different things by different people.
Not that keen on 'Bank On It' on 100 - usually wants £15 back off a £6 deal to open up again - really need a decent box early on or a bust. It's not the worst game but meh
Oche the same in that respect, and bust can dick you around to no end too. Likes an offer on the full cashpot though, and not afraid to part with them both
Play the game is shit isn't it?
Nothing special tbh
Eh? It wasn't rigged, had 2 jackpot boxes per game, and 2 chances with 'Play it again' active, brilliant machine! Even had one repeat to £210 once. Became as rare as rocking horse shit come the £100 upgrade though!

Bullseye was fine too although far too many values on the Deal game so you couldn't really take it until at least Super, seem to remember it could message you with a minimum guaranteed value from the game though. They updated it midway through the £70 era though which really messed with the profile and made the game feel quite a bit more rigged so that you won £10-£20 values a lot more, nowhere near as much as today's rigged shit of course but there was a noticeable difference! (You could tell as it felt more 'laggy' when adding to the cash/feature stacks for example)
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Played the 100 version about 10 times and I'd class it as SHIT. Only had flat off mega in that sample. I know of one now I never go to.

Brilliant machine? Maybe by today's standards if you are an amateur, which I am not.
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Yeah loved bank on it and play the game, which could give a gatw. Bulleye oto was noticeably different on 100 and yeah too many middling numbers too set u back. To be fair i never wanted a super or better game, just went in on 3 phones as u were taking away a round which could offer cp away by eliminating values. All better than anything out today and im a professional amateur
You loved bank on it did you, how much did you make?
(04-15-2018, 01:34 PM)jerz92 Wrote: Likes an offer on the full cashpot though, and not afraid to part with them both

Ah yes that was one good thing TBF on BOI
(04-15-2018, 06:31 PM)Toastie Wrote: You loved bank on it did you, how much did you make?

As said im a casual, certainly never kept overall figures let alone on a particular machine but did have successful days and even weeks though it all went back on some form of gambling. If i made 200 quid on a day i considered it a success, though as long as i didn't loose i didn't mind, any money up often went on roulette or poker in an attempt to turn my 'free money' into something more (often nothing). But i can say this, i never put more than 300 in a bank on it, probably less than 250 id guess, i know this dont sound good but there were many machines that i put in more at their worst. Id say i never walked away over 150 down. This is of course at worst, there were many £50-100 profits. Compared to 2015 + where if i break evens its a good day, 150+ in a machine is regular and a jp almost never costs less than 80, yeah i loved bank on it, though id take a seal over that anyday
Play the game is a great machine!
I must be missing something on Play the Game then, do they double stake or something, it does appear to like chucking the mega in the box once dealing I suppose, just never seen it go past. Don't think I ever played one on £70 tbf
Steel had a 210 mega off one on the summer London meet back in 2011


CEO of JPF Japan. Coming to Japan? PM me for signtseeing, drinking and gambling.
Never played one on 70, not saying they're bad on 100, they're not, bring the game back consistently, bust very separate, 4 chances of jackpot per game if you unlock play it again. They just absolutely rip for boards and can't repeat, and there are no cashpots to claw a bit back in the likely occasion you do become more involved than you were planning to. Can certainly list a few things I'd rather play on 100, but I guess these days you can't be picky!

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