Help me ID this machine
Just watching a documentary and seen a fruity in the background and like the sad fruit machine addicted soul I am I tried to see what it was.

Can't for the life of me figure it out; any takers?

Also can someone tell me how to attach an image to a thread properly?
Reflex horn of plenty or something like that. Failed test if I remember rightly

As for attaching an image the option should be at the bottom of the new thread or new reply section - not the quick reply bit
If I am looking at the right image it's not Horn Of Plenty going by the words (that I can't quite make out)
Yeah, sorry about the quality of the image, it's all I could get with a screen grab and probably part of the reason I'm finding it so difficult to work out what the hell it is! It's a £100JP if that helps
Saw it in a services last year. Looked confusing and shite. Being a reflex there was no chance of a freak gatw so I just didn't play it

AKA Boulderdash
Wanna say 'jewel in the Nile' will check as got one fairly local
The future is much like the present, only longer.
It's Eastern Promise mate - pic below but also see thread

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Legend, thanks mate!
Drat couldnt remember, had one locally. Not a new machine gotta be 3-5 years old maybe older as remember 70 version of this. 'Unjackpottable' of course as its a reflex but very similar to alice stuff, good for a quick pinch on 'dond'.

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