Help me ID this machine
Just watching a documentary and seen a fruity in the background and like the sad fruit machine addicted soul I am I tried to see what it was.

Can't for the life of me figure it out; any takers?

Also can someone tell me how to attach an image to a thread properly?
Reflex horn of plenty or something like that. Failed test if I remember rightly

As for attaching an image the option should be at the bottom of the new thread or new reply section - not the quick reply bit
If I am looking at the right image it's not Horn Of Plenty going by the words (that I can't quite make out)
Yeah, sorry about the quality of the image, it's all I could get with a screen grab and probably part of the reason I'm finding it so difficult to work out what the hell it is! It's a £100JP if that helps
Saw it in a services last year. Looked confusing and shite. Being a reflex there was no chance of a freak gatw so I just didn't play it
Wanna say 'jewel in the Nile' will check as got one fairly local
The future is much like the present, only longer.
It's Eastern Promise mate - pic below but also see thread

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Legend, thanks mate!
Drat couldnt remember, had one locally. Not a new machine gotta be 3-5 years old maybe older as remember 70 version of this. 'Unjackpottable' of course as its a reflex but very similar to alice stuff, good for a quick pinch on 'dond'.

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