(04-22-2018, 12:56 PM)JP 24/7 Wrote: So you haven't done any research then

Found the flyer on the net that has a copyright date of 2014 - based on the dates for the flyers for the previous machines it seems to add up - but you know how they sometimes forget to update the date, etc so I can't say 100%

June 2014
Yeah made me laugh when i saw that. To be fair research could easily be done but perhaps inconclusive or even wrong. I suppose the next time someone sees one say iin a service they could just look at the date on machine, its nothing important, i know i saw them regularly till at least july 16, but cant really remember when they all disappeared, but when they did they all disappeared in pretty much one go. On another matter i saw my second 'freezy money' last week and only my 3rd beat the clock. Cant remember any other eara with little or no new machines. Star prizes and double ups seem to have been released again rather than anything new and are even worse this time around.
Yeah was deffo a £100 Crazy Chair Gold this bloke had some sort of 25p/50p/£1 Go All The Way emptier on.
Anyone know what it was now these machines are no longer about?
Just curious....
Also he used to look at the DOND reel with a torch.?!
Dunno about an emptier and never really have done but they certainly like to give gatw and could be forced for them, if u really had too. No reason it couldnt give seperate back to back gatw especially if it didnt credit break in the first place. Probably just looking for marks on boxes or lines/grooves on the side whatever u wanna call em. Especially if its dark in pub. Stupid really, asking to be barred.
Apparently you can get any fruit machine to award you Jackpot by pointing your TV remote control at it.

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