Ladcrooks latest dodgy texts
I avoid online punting/slots etc as I don't trust myself and am too inclined to the tilt as it is.
So for the last couple of years I've taken Ladbrokes weekend offer of "Spend £20 on the latest game and get free £10 in shop FOBT credit."
The whole offer also included £10 online which I just left.
I also occasionaly did the "Spend £40 over two days and get a £10 in shop cash match on Friday"

At the start of this year things started to go wrong. Time after time I wouldn't get the code texted to me for my free £10. Three times this happened and I'd ring up..complain...usually after being put on hold for a longish while. They'd say I just hadn't quite spent enough which - believe me - was bullshit! - I counted every pound spin...  Angry
OK, they'd then give me a free £10 bet or whatever. 
Totally put me off the whole thing really.

But then the inshop bit just stopped! Every text just says "Spend XXX amount and get XXX free online credit!" 

Is that the case for everyone or just me?? 
Who cares anyway I suppose. One thing for sure is whilst this has gone on the last month I have spent a LOT less time in Ladbrokes on their FOBTs so that has to be a good thing! That's without thinking about it really so it just shows how successful they've been getting me in and on the fobts the last couple of years. More fool them the absolute ****s!!
The trouble with online is that you never feel your money in you hands. At least in a bookies you have to feed the notes in one after the other and get the chance to be fully aware of what you're spending. The downside of course is the disgusting RTP% that you have to put up with in LBO's, even on higher stakes, and the lowlife scum you get in there.

Most respectable online sites allow you to set deposit limits, and max bet/loss and stuff like that. Use that properly and you can have a good time on a vast range of slots and games on decent RTP%'s. Don't give your money away at 90% return sat on an FOBT, drinking tea out of a vending machine and surrounded by mouth-breathers. If you're going to have a punt you owe it to yourself to do it properly.

Anyone noticed how some of the Blackjack games on the FOBTs now hit soft 17? Another 0.2% or whatever added to the house-edge. Don't give the cunts your hard-earned money.
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I'll never believe that FOBT blackjack isn't rigged.

I play a lot of casino blackjack and its just not the same.
I don't like FOBT blackjack either, but I hate the American rules even more (some of which are creeping onto FOBT's, such as first dealer card down, the second up).  5 out of 13 hands the dealer has to check for BJ and it's just stressful playing like that knowing you might not even get to play your hand.  Also in Europe because you see the dealer's up card before you see your second card, you know you've got a playable double or split once your second card has been dealt.  In American you get dealt 10 in total for example and then you've got to wait for the dealer to deal their up card and hope it's a 9 or less so your double is worth playing, and again, 5/13 times they'll show a 10 or A.  I didn't really fully realize why I found the game so irritating when I was last in Vegas until I sat and worked it out.  The psychology is quite different because of that small change.  Really changes the dynamic and the emotions you go through when the cards are dealt, and not in a good way.  As I say, I found it really stressful to play like that, whereas in the UK it's much more relaxing.  I suspect they play it like that to avoid so many arguments on the last box about taking the dealer's next card, as most of the time with one down card to come first it's inconsequential.  I would imagine that in the 50's a row broke out one day when a novice pulled a 10 on their 15 against the dealer's 6, cost someone a load of money and they got shot or something.

Plus in Vegas you've got all those rule variations that cost the player more money - 6 to 5 on BJ, no double after split, dealer hits soft 17 and so on.  And if you want to play 2 boxes you need to play double the table minimum on both, which is one of my biggest gripes.  They've done their utmost to make the game as unfriendly as possible over there now.  We don't know how good we've got it in the UK in all fairness.  A couple of promotions or dealer mistakes in a night and you can practically play the game for nothing  :D
The better the bet the better the odds. Plus if your playing on strip and low rolling ($20 hands and under) your gonna get a worse game. Better off going to offf strip casinos. Remember it's only a 1-2% house edge plus your getting near free drinks so if bet is low they gotta take some extra edge to cover that. You can get some real good odds if you are playing a decent bet $50 a hand
Yeah I agree with that.  If I'm having a proper punt I'll usually do it at night and go to the Wynn or Bellagio and play on a $50 minimum table on one box.  The table will usually be fairly full and you get a good game for your money with proper rules, with decent people on the table.  On the flipside I went to Caesar's Palace during the day and the only table I could get on was $15 minimum, 6/5 BJ, so I just sat with $100 betting the minimum.  I got 99 against a 5 and split, the dealer pulled me a 9 and a 2 and then only after I'd split again did he tell me I couldn't double after a split!  He told me the area I was in was the 'Party Pit' but without the party Tongue
You'd think those rules would be displayed somewhere but I suppose that's just my UK-player mentality.

I also went to the Monte Carlo in the daytime and they had a $5 BJ table which was quite good fun for a cheap hour.  I don't mind bad rules at those low stakes :D

You can get 3/2 BJ in Harrahs for $15 minimum a lot of the time, sometimes even $10 minimum during the day.  The only downside is that the dealers in there are mostly miserable 4ft Filipino harridans who are constantly looking for tips and don't even fucking smile Angry
American dealer face card down is so much to the players advantage. How can you not like it!?
Last time I played there the dealers were pretty much telling you what the hidden card was if you were tipping em!
Same as if you make a mistake at Pai Gow, they sometimes "let you off".

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