Anyone hooked on this ?

I've been watching my boys play it for the last few weeks and I'ts giving me the itch to get back into gaming.

For a free game it's brilliant.
Bit of a gamer myself and I've only heard good things! Been meaning to give it a download
They've tightened the pwofile on this, it hates the britzes dunnit?
My kids spend every spare minute on it. They also spend a fortune on v-bucks
I've heard a lot about Fortnite as well lately. Is it a cartoon-style shooter type game?

I remember for the last 5 years, Minecraft was all the rage.

Then 10+ years ago it was about World of Warcraft.

How the Warcraft's owner Blizzard didn't adopt the Minecraft title did surprise me a little.
Played it once.

Seems alright to me. Not much of a gamer at all but for free cant knock it, and wouldnt mind playing it again.

Wouldnt really say its cartoon based, but certainly not as polished as the likes of cod, but looks good enough.

The maps big enough though and the concept is pretty cool.

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