baking bad
They're just a much tighter version of Pipeye. Which is understandable as they must have paid a fortune in order to use the Breaking Bad license...

...Oh wait.
@toastie. Cheers. Is it my round?
Well I can't imagine a more inciting action!

I've had a coin or mech error loads of times balls deep, it is so sickening. When you get back on it is more than the money, it is reversing the error pain! Of course half the time they don't keep it off and ring you up but still I think that is dirty?!
I've never, ever, had a pub actually ring me up after a note error.
I've always had to chase.
My worst experience was in a Spoons when I'd accidentally got involved very late doors.
I was playing a Shrew and I'd got MS top bag and was confident for a double bag MS.
The manager (or staff memeber) walked over and turned the machine off.
I complained (quite vehemently) that I was just about to win and he said, "Fruit machines are random, you never know when you are going to win," and turfed me out.
Okay I thought, I'm owed £150 here (assuming a cwedit bweak) so fucking hell I'll just have to set my alarm for the morning and be first one back in the pub at 8am.
I look back through the locked door and said Spoons employee has switched machine back on and is obviously playing.
I actually knocked on the door and made a looking at you face but he carried on.
Luckily I don't think he knew what he was doing as went back at 8am next day and took £150 for a further £20, around £20 down overall I think.
Still got my blood boiling though...
I even took a photo through the closed door of getting ripped off by a Wetherspoon employee ready to send to Mr Wetherspoon or whatever he's called to publish in his magazine...
Well obv he'd deserve a beating as well!! ;)
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Top Tramp
Wow, what a moron

Had something similar a couple of years ago on a big one, I'm quite deep and it's phone happy, got a decent bust in it.. Guy kicks me out so I take a & 25 box just in case and I'm back the next day for doors, 50p cashpot has gone up by around a score and I'm thinking wtf.. Luckily he'd got it phoning for me again and bust was still there.
man that's horrific!!if I was on a board and hadn't been warned and it got turned off without a make that your last credit id be fuckin fuming!! what a cock he sounds,,but I avoid rowing one out after 11 for those kind of reasons,, too tilting if some wank does that and having to set the alarm to be first in early doors on a sunday with a banger!
Yeah we've all had those, similar as was spoons, my worst amount of money in a pure gold, 800. Manager comes over with an ' are u winning' reply er no done nuts 800 in. Oh she says i won 200 quid last night and walks away. Wtf doesnt say that when i put me first quid in. Still doesnt explain amount of money in. Had a very funny one in spoons where there was an error and was told they would ring me. Couple hours by chance walked back past spoons to see engineer at machine so rang spoons from outside to ask if there was any progress. Told no, engineer hasnt been yet, told them i can see him hes there, went and got my money directly from the engineer lol.

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