A new game has popped up In the bookies with fortune bet no fortune spins 30p 75 p 1.50 with the enhance bigger bonus symbols no gamble which is a shame
Irish fortune? Watched my brother win 200 on worms then do that plus 400 through it for one 37.50 feature, one 52 quid roll in and 4 3 quid features on two quid.

King kong cash is a load of shit in the bookies!!!
Going of stopandsteps video I got that impression too
All the random games are the same crap.

I’ve clued everyone to the decent bookies bet 9/22/31. Play the classic roulette game on the terminals.

Score bet it £10 9, £5 22/31 

JG do a mega row on this and see what happens!

Btw started on the 17 on this one so 60 in for the 360

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Anyone seen The Bandits latest video, Reel King, it has to be the best pound for pound value for money game of all time? ;)

In fact, forget slots, I would go a bit further and put the question to you all, is there a better way to get value out of a grand? rofl
Yeah iron man 20p
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Not a chance Ob, we don't all have your luck you know. I've chased high bet singles a number of times to dig myself out a hole and it only went well once. When it goes badly it's....bad. 

I kept meaning to play Iron Man after a good keybet session.

I haven't played Iron Man yet.

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