FOBT stake reduction under threat
Exactly. Lose 2k and its no problem, but want to withdraw a tenner, then theres an id check. Sometimes have to wait a week for the money, and then theres the dreaded reverse withdrawal. As for bonus money theres a good 90%+ chance youll win nothing. Even all the advertising they do is way over the top. Should have 0 advertising just like smoking.

Fuck the sugar tax there are more important issues, and sorting out gambling should be one of them.
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(04-25-2018, 08:26 PM)jerz92 Wrote: Nah, I'd checks etc only come when you win and try and withdraw. Very wrong

tbf there are a few companies out there that insist on KYC processes before depositing, although its not compulsory.

should be regulation.
Must be rare then, as over the years I must have signed up to 100+ online casinos and I don't think any of them have ever done that!
can't deposit much without i d now
So it's official now then - max stake on FOBT will be £2
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Yup ^^

It doesn't affect me directly as I only play the machines on B3 setting, but I'm conscious that the B3 payout % will get savaged as a result.
Needed to be done frankly. Slightly worrying where that lost revenue is going to come from, no doubt in more taxes on the poor in the form of tobacco and alcohol.
Splendid news to wake up to. The quicker they implement the changes, the better. The bookmakers are all crying tears and snot of course, exaggerating their projected losses. They will still make money, just not as much. People will still spend money, just not as much, and not as quickly. Maybe they'll spend some of it elsewhere (like their families) and boost the retail economy.

Next stop - gambling adverts on TV.
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Brilliant news, hate the bookies' greed and desire to have such a massive edge all the time. Fuck them they treat their customers largely with contempt anyway?
Great news, these have been a blight for far too many years. Had some large losses myself in the past but it is the people who have lost families, houses etc that are the real casualties. I know that you should be able to control the urge etc, but for many people the fact you can walk in off the high street and play £50 per spin, i.e. £150 every minute without any kind of control, membership etc just smacks of greed. The bookies had their chance to put real controls on their machines but instead put some half baked pathetic attempt out there 'do you want to set your own limits?' haha it was a joke. Now they will have to tow the line and become more like sports betting outlets again instead of unregulated casinos.
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And appreciate their customers!

Doing a grand and get charged for a can of drink sometimes and when you aren't charged they make it feel like gesture of the century! lol
What will Stop and Step do now without his Thai Flower £20 spins cash machine?!

I can’t help noticing that nowhere actually seems keen to specify when the changes need to be implemented by
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Keybet will be over then!!!
Not happening till 2019.
(05-17-2018, 09:53 AM)ridye Wrote: What will Stop and Step do now without his Thai Flower £20 spins cash machine?!

I can’t help noticing that nowhere actually seems keen to specify when the changes need to be implemented by

Some time next bloody year bbc said!!!!
I didn't realise you could do £100 a spin on those things. That's mental.

But now they've effectively capped the roulette jackpot at £70. How is that going to work?
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By the end of 2019 is ridiculous!

With regards the roulette, it'll just become 'gamble your winnings to try and win £500' roulette!
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Question we all want answering is, will the AWP stakes and prizes be affected by all this? £2 a go £200 Powers???
The day this comes in is the day the £2 pre-game turbo gamble is introduced.

1 in 25 chance of hitting the mega enhanced spins or £50 winnings which can then be gambled further on a roulette wheel.
(05-17-2018, 10:05 AM)ob Wrote: Keybet will be over then!!!

WRONG, Keybet 1p will be massive value!

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