FOBT stake reduction under threat
Lucky you got that warning or you'd never have known! lol
(01-10-2018, 09:18 PM)Moff Wrote: Some Multi-Wilds, in fact most Multi-Wilds are on 95% on all stakes, but shhhh... I’ve noticed some have changed them down to 91,89 etc...
Multi Wilds is a cracking little slot and you get a really decent punt on it at 95%.  Last time I went in they'd changed it to 86, 88, 90 and 92 and I haven't been in there since.  They didn't even leave the £2 on 95%.  Completely unnecessary and greedy.

I would guess that Eye of Horus is minimum 92% because the maths doesn't go any lower than that.  You can bet your life that the lower percentages are being worked on and tested right now, ready to roll out.
Is this Eye Of Horus the Ladbrokes one? Or another bookies?
Excuse my ignorance here but can you have different %s in different places? I would have thought you could?
Yeah you can have different %'s in different places of course. But in light of the LBO's contempt for low-stakes players and refusal to offer value for money they will insist on low RTP% options for the lower stakes. If those aren't available then the game will be offered on £1 and £2 only for example, because the suits cannot bear to offer a game on 50p stake at 90%, as it's 'too high'. I would imagine the version on the BP cabs is 92% minimum for one of two reasons - a) There's no maths that goes lower than that, or b) They want to offer reasonable value for money as it's a pretty heavy game, at least in the short-term until some lower maths is available.

I don't know what stakes and %'s are offered on the LBO version so I'm just guessing. If there are lower %'s in the bookies on that game, the BP cabs will adopt that eventually most probably.

LBO's across the board don't even try to compete with the higher percentages available online, and that's why they are fucked in the long-term once the general playing public wise up. They are simply grabbing all they can while they can. The act of offering lower percentage returns for lower stakes is simply a way of penalising players who have less disposable income and encouraging people to spend more than they might wish to. There are games online on which you have to stake £2 or more to get 96%, otherwise it's 94% or lower. Why the fuck would any low stakes punter, who just wants to bet 50p a spin, play those games? There's hundreds of other games online where the RTP% is constant regardless of bet size.

As for the B2 stakes review, I don't think it can come soon enough. My recommendation would be £2 max stake for slots (parity with other high-street sites, except casinos, who are equipped to monitor things properly and should always have higher limits anyway) and £20 max per spin on roulette, which allows someone to cover a number with £13.88 and win £500, and sprinkle a few quid on a few other numbers as 'insurance'.
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If I was using my own computer and monitoring my own gambling and loading my own money from my bank to their machines drinking my own hot drinks Id want a better rtp ???

Horus is MINIMUM 92% so on 20p I think that is quite good as it does bonus in most of USA is illegal. Should be that way here
92% minimum is very reasonable indeed but I would put money on it that LBO's and some operators have been asking for lower and it's not available.  That's the only reason it's that high.  Make the most of it while you can :D

If online got banned in this country I'd be bored to tears.  And out of a job Angry

All this Horus chat makes me want to pop down to the local shop for a quick twenty hehe! Tongue
Ah Buddy, now I understand your liking of the bookies so much, it because they serve your favourite drinks free?!!

Seriously I think it is about time each shop got a decent quality drinks machine and were all gratis. Those little cups of tea are a joke and I have been losing over a grand a few times and either had to pay for a can of drink or seen the guy wondering if he should ask me for the 75p!

Just one of the reasons why I'd like to see them all go out of business?
Small bump...

Are there any updates from the gov't on the gambling act? I thought that the changes were meant to be announced in the week of 22nd-27th January but nothing. It's 2 weeks on now and still nothing on BBC News, Google etc.
(02-04-2018, 10:48 PM)Mr Move It Wrote: Small bump...

Are there any updates from the gov't on the gambling act?  I thought that the changes were meant to be announced in the week of 22nd-27th January but nothing.  It's 2 weeks on now and still nothing on BBC News, Google etc.
just the end of consultation
Just to add
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Insiders reckon the Chancellor has agreed to the £2 FOBT limit, shares in the bookies absolutely nose dived!
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Hoping they do it so I can forever be up off roulette in em!
The Tories are certainly taking their time on this. The new stakes / prizes were meant to be announced in October, 6 months ago.
They're enjoying being lunched by every bookmaker in the country desperate to stop the change
They just seem to be pushing the whole when the fun stops thing online way more than in the bookies which is bs as they are both a load of shite, and they need to crack on and sort them both out, as letting anyone do 100s or even 1000s per spin with very few checks is just madness.
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What next though - In a pub - sorry you are putting too much in that fruit machine you have to stop?!!


Problem is £200 can be alot to some or absolutely fuck all.
It's going to make the decision to switch from AWP to FOBT in pubs a lot easier...
(04-25-2018, 05:04 PM)Toastie Wrote: What next though - In a pub -  sorry you are putting too much in that fruit machine you have to stop?!!


Problem is £200 can be alot to some or absolutely fuck all.

I dont see pubs as that much of a problem (still an issue, but far down the list). The randoms are a bit dodgy but talking about the compensated games then atleast you will always win something back eventually, and chances are you are in there on a social or something so wont be playing the fruits for hours unlike a bookies.

I know some people can afford to lose more than others and self control is needed, etc, but being able to sign up online and do 1000s a spin in just a couple of minutes is pretty sick regardless of income. There aint even any id checks at the start.
Nah, I'd checks etc only come when you win and try and withdraw. Very wrong
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