Methods for old machines
Is there anybody that can hhelp with the following machines.. I’ve had a bit of a bumming on them at some point and would like to know if there are any methods that aren’t so ‘secret’ you could PM me if the info is too sensitive for online.

Basically I’ve had a bumming on:

Lucky Streak
Pure Gold
DOND Cops n Robbers
Shoot the Loot

I know there are methods out there but it’s finding someone that would give it away who’s not particularly precious about them because of their rarity and age.  I think I know how Lucky Streak works I’m just not sure how to tell if I’m barking up the wrong tree because it’s been chipped etc.. I know a few methods myself on certain machines but these have always evaded me.  I’m sick of losing on these when I know they can be profitable so any advice appreciated.  If not then can’t blame a man for asking
So you know how to play a power play but none of the above ?
(12-07-2017, 05:17 PM)Clarky Wrote: So you know how to play a power play but none of the above ?

That is correct my friend.  I mean I know how they work and everything but I’m not playing them right obviously or id be making money. I seem to catch them when they’re happy yet still end up losing money because I think there’s still value in them when there isn’t. Then end up re-rowing and putting myself in a shit situation.  I work full time so I’m by no means a player, but there’s no reason why after 15 years playing I should be losing money on fairly basic bandits like these if you get me?
Theres still some around so I doubt youll be getting many pms.

My advice would be to leave them alone. Especially pure golds. Most are burnt to a crisp these days so better off not knowing. Lucky streak can be alright for a punt though as it doesnt charge about 5k for a board like PG.
Pure Golds method is transfer your entire bank account including savings into the hopper for a £100 box with a gold telephone then exchange for the GOLDEN GAME and watch as it rewards you with £2

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the £2 will then repeat 8 times and you'll have take out a loan to get it phoning again
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Once had 300 out of a PG for 4 quid. Was smashed in lincoln. No idea how
Last one i played i saw someone on it lose a dond board and walk. 

I went on and proceeded to get shafted. Just wouldnt play ball.

Was at a servos that was dead so decided to have a break and go in the other section and go back to it after. Went back a little while later, last game: 100. Ffs someone snuck past me!

All my other sessions have mostly been poor. Even if I find one happy (which is rare) they just never play ball, which is why its one of the few machines on my ban list.
Never minded pure golds, had my largest raise on a £100 jackpot from one of these
Video is still floating on YouTube I think
Not really a forum for asking for info. If they don't go well, don't play them. Locked.

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