Your favourite Youtube gambling channels?
This is mainly online gambling either live or non-live play, and also FOBT / arcade videos.

I follow (in the order that I discovered them):

Stop & Step
The Bandit

I don't do online gambling any more, but my favourite by far is The Bandit.  I like his banter and I can relate to a lot of the games that he plays because they're in the arcades where I still play.  In particular, Reel King.  It's great watching Flame Busters, Danger High Voltage and Scruffy Duck as well which are online-only.

What are your faves?  Would be nice to have a heads up on channels that I've not yet come across.

Chop (from Jackpotty) ran his own channel as well years ago, like 2012 time.  He liked his Bruce Lee Smile
My vote goes to hypa. I'm liking a new guy called duoslots too. Bandit was my favorite by far for ages, started watching him when he had like 60 subs and just loved his character. Not rating his videos as much these days as they're far more infrequent and the same games over and over but he did say he's pretty bored of the current crop of games and I gotta say I do agree with him and fully understand where he's coming from, nothing personal at all. If you're reading this mate maybe try a video on the playtechs at mansion or something, good games and something a bit different, all sorts of variances
I still prefer to watch awp videos. I find the digital rng stuff utterly mind numbing. So hypa for me
(11-26-2017, 07:40 PM)Boulderdash Wrote: I still prefer to watch awp videos. I find the digital rng stuff utterly mind numbing. So hypa for me

Same, but theres just not that much awp content out there sadly and even hypa has moved to the dark side (online).

I only really follow hypa/stop n step/rolla. Thats more than enough slot videos for me.
That Ricky Spanish is a pro....
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(11-26-2017, 07:52 PM)kfcandanal Wrote: That Ricky Spanish is a pro....

I genuinely find his the most entertaining
Thanks guys for the heads up on Ricky Spanish. Will check him out Smile
Ricky Spanish sounds an awful lot like the world's greatesr fruit machine player...
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(11-27-2017, 07:47 AM)Boulderdash Wrote: Ricky Spanish sounds an awful lot like the world's greatesr fruit machine player...


Just kidding although Hypalinx thinking he’s on a IM before dying 2 spins later is the gift that keeps on giving.
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It said go all the way!

Er, no it didn't.
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Jackpot Bros is about the best AWP channel at the mo, although it's mainly Party games and clones.

I've started to get boredd of the Online channels, I tend to watch Nick & Rocknrolla the day after so I can scan through for any big hits. They all seem to be playing the same games these days.
I only watch the online channel Jokepoteer's Slot Machine Entertainment. It's quite simply incredible.

Actually I lied. It's shit..
jackpot bros is good when he plays different games, but fair play to anyone who watches 2+ hours of £5 jackpot party times a day
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Hypalinx is quite entertaining. I haven’t explored it much further then that but I will be later on this evening with some of the names mentioned here.

I just watched that video of that bloke who won 40 grand. Hope he banked that bleeder.
Jackpot Bros is the channel doing the business right now. Great variety of machines through the years and jackpots. It's also raw and no nonsense, no silly titles, no hiding the amount up or down. Can relate and it takes me back to when I played.

Other arcade channels do have potential, but waste each video on ANOTHER five pounder Bullion Bar style Astra, time after time after time. or awful cringeworthy clickbait where it's obvious they'll win like 3 quid.

Hypa and Timmy do a good job; The manufacturers and suppliers don't. I'll watch them but they're nothing compared to what they could have been some years back! 

Not into the onliners anymore really as they need to up stakes too much to be 'good', aand then it all becomes silly money situation, that I'd never dream of doing myself. So can't relate.


CEO of JPF Japan. Coming to Japan? PM me for signtseeing, drinking and gambling.
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Wish I had a Reel Fruits or Mr P's near me Sad
I like the bandit, very entertaining chap, i've noticed his videos seem to be far less frequent these days. Chop used to be excellent, mostly low rolling from what I remember but he always put a bit of thought into his game selection to try and get the best bang for his buck, and often did quite well.

Hypalinx I like but can't watch too many of his online slot videos, he reminds me of a compulsive gambler mate I know and there is often this feel of 'this is gonna be the big one' coming across in his commentary but can't help but think it's going to go off the rails from time to time every so often - like I say it's probably just because he just reminds me of my mate who's a good lad but gambling has done him no favours in life whatsoever.

Stop 'n' Step is decent, plays a fair variety of games, some complete dross also that i'd be livid if I lost a £ on but he never seems to get too fazed by it all. Likes his independent bingo hall with the lady doing the hoovering.
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Mr Move It
Like watching the jackpot bros seem to do different arcades and locations each vid. Yes been banned from filming in the arcade with the eleven party time arena which is a shame.
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Is it possible this guy is not constantly on crack?!!

Can't help but find him amusing though!

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