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Apologies initially if the name of the machine is incorrect but it was something similar to this.
Basically a bastardised version of deal or no deal daddy deal game and something else .
First board offered £14 Where it flashes up a random amount so thought it might have some life so played it out.
£160 in and finally relents for a
Played a few deal games after and was so bent it was unreal.
Bank down to £85 and decided to reforce. 
This is where it got slightly interesting.
It actually shot a red mega again when I had £27 credits that I couldn’t collect. Really didn’t expect it to go in that quick and took me by suprise. 
Same again, various shit deals rinsing bank below £100
One last reforce and it goes in on a red mega again when I had £29 in the bank left.
This time went for the £150 and I actually made on it.
Engineer set to 98% by mistake?
Sounds like it!
How many hours of your life did you waste for that £19?! lolol
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About 2 in the end
First mega I played the boards out when red to sample the amazing gameplay.
Even when £120 in it still loved to give you 2 presses then game over
It’s certainly even more shit than previous betcom releases
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Sounds extremely lucky. You’ve lost about £80 to percentage on a 76% game in that session yet still been up on it. Reforcing that twice I’d be expecting a massive loss tbh even if the 3rd time it did go £150!
What OB said.

A second reforcus only costing you about £70 for a cwedit bweak was jammy as hell.
I'll never forget the time I had a JJ go flat 60 in, next board hit £15 red so I decided to repush.. cost £28 to wrap it for £150
Yeah like I said it took me by surprise as I still had nearly £30 in credits when it went in for the second time for a flat.
Totally shocked me on the second repush that it went in again for less than a ton
Be interested to hear anyone else’s experiences upon playing this.
Was playing a Shrewlock the other day. first board opened phones and gave me all the keys so decided to take that in the knowledge of it screws me ill just forcus. Left £6 and jackpot no deal JACKPOT

First time it’s ever not lied? Was expecting a message on the alpha saying “oops my mistake you wasn’t meant to win that” and unplug itself
Marching on together
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