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Me and the better half nipped into one of our locals in town yesterday afternoon before shopping and as we know the lass behind the bar i asked if owt had payed which she said the shrew had paid a jp earlier and she said oh have you seen the new one,we hadn't noticed so got our drinks and sure enough the Jackpot Jaws had been replaced with Genie Jackpots aka twist,shrew etc tec,not seen this one before so anyway the mrs tries for a board on 50p stake 3rd quid in gives deal open next board which i said don't get too excited as it'll probably want 20+for board,but no it took 2 more quid for 50p gamble which wins so yeah nice one....looks at the logo i says to her hang on that's still flashing couldn't believe it and even more shocked when it cwedit bwoke for 150!!!!.Downside was i didn't go halves lol,oh she played for afterboard *gulp*which took a 10er shit board and collected 3 quid,she then put a quid in sticky deal which gave a board and gave deal game for a 6 box +half,collected out and left lol
Got sucked into one of these today.
It's on my shitlist as one to avoid but I came out the bookies cock a hoop with a £50 win. So I go to pub with about £70 on me. Buy a coke and win £12 on Kraken.
Just before I leave I stick a tenner in the Genie. Seems pretty dead but I persevere. Takes £20 for a super board. 'twist' or whatever the equivelent's called keeps giving me 50ps.
Eventually deal opens for £2.
Then it just keeps on opening and opening - always for the shittest amounts - 20p 50p £4 £2 etc over and fcking over. Must have done twelve 'genie deals' always kicking anything decent out. By this point I'm losing my mind, gone way past trying to cut my losses (I think there was a point where I could have got out £15 down or something. But my money's running out....change from £1 stake to 25p stake....actually leave with nothing having rammed somewhere between £70 and £80 in it. Ugh! Feel unclean and thoroughly annoyed with myself. Bastards.
Yeah my own experience is usually of a gentle slow rape tyrying to get something off of "dond", none of this jackpot/mega others crow about!

Carried on with a Corn to try and have a look at "afters" against my better judgement and experience earlier. When I started it offered top left feature and £21 on meter, cost £123 - flat! Got a board off my credits, £2 cob.

Played other in there, £160 for £150.

Go back to Corn coz some bloke did a tenner in it. 1st board offered £19 and I considered for 30 seconds before thinking I'd see if I could eek out a few more quid, nope! Cost £128 for first red flash - flat! Tenner for next board I turn down £10/25 offer of £17 and get the tenner, £20 for next board get the tenner again! Just walked, so another £40 donated intead of £12 profit if I'd collected.

See the Itbox (last machine to try cover up my misery) - Reel King Sticky - £85 to get the feature, which surprisingly gave £30, feared a £200 loss for sure, but just walked.

Did a score in a Bat, then couple of old Bells that wanted max for dead board.

See my old "friend" Betfred giving me the eye, "No you cunt, you've had my next 3 months wages already this year, fuck off!"

And home I get, no doubt tomorrow will piss me off and I will again struggle to not lose again, Happy Fucking Days! Sad
That, my friends, is why you don't play randoms in bookies/casinos/online. You lose a few lumps and get to the stage where little bits like above get you down when they never should.

When the fun stops, stop! Really, and do what? Guess I could just lay in bed for a month I suppose!

Seriously, gambling can feel just like a prison sentence on your mind sometimes!

How have/do you lot try to get over the losses that hurt you?
The big hits usually take a couple of days to get over. My problem is what happens when I get screwed by a machine that should've been good, even if I only lose say 80 on it then the gambler within comes out and so does the tilt. I reckon I've been slightly better the last couple of months but there's also been some embarrassing losses.

Wish I could just take the losses on the chin and rest easy that I'll recover it over the next few days. That's what I end up doing but usually with far larger amounts than necessary. Still up on a month to month basis but I always think if it wasn't for the losses... I guess the mindset will come with maturity for myself
What's the most you've ever lost Jerz? I get over a 5 or 600 occasional loss very easily, especially if "playables" going ok, hardly blink at a -200 and couldn't give a fuck when Bent.coms take me for 50-60.

That is, until you realise your 20k in the bank 3 months ago is now nearly 10 (half due to overspending a bit) and you are just off the back off doing 900 in a pic n mix, 550 in a meg a pots and 700 in a keybet in the space of 5 days, since then haven't made fuck all for 7 days to even cover daily expenses. It is at this point that I feel it is a little harder to forget and move on?!
Lost 13-1500 a few times on a day, normally arcade stuff is to blame for the initial hit of say 300-1000 and the rest will be spun.

After those losses I’ve invariably stopped playing arcade stuff etc for a bit just to avoid strings off losses which are gonna quickly cain you. Even though I’m well up spinning miraculously, it’s something I’ve left for a while after every loss otherwise that’s a slippery slope.

Betcoms are enough to drive anyone insane though tbf especially the likes off toastbusters/juggling jackpots and clones, they are poor to average games at best and that’s without the hordes of people going round forcing them daily!!
Played a genie some days ago. Done v well in the pub overall regardless of fruits in it over the past 2 years of visits, but lately, during the past 2 months results have not been so good at all.
Girls who work there know i only come in for the machine, not quiet enough when talking about customers! Nice girls though and havent said anything other than talking between themselves.

Last visit, randomly heard a shout from the bar staff member who ive not seen working there before, though id visit probably 2/3 times a month, but did recognize him from working in spoons in the town close by.
Decided to shout across the busy bar that ive got the jackpot!.
Wasnt a flash but was indeed obviously a jackpot board, so smiled and politely told him that id done more in it than that already (well, 12 quid more) - and went on and twisted my way to an inevitable ms, to which upon noticing the ms icons all lit up he shouted over "told ya!" With one mighty fat grin ....

Gonna safely assume that he's probably been working there for the past month or two..

And the fucker only did a ton.
About 900 in an evening in an arc is probably my worst loss. Regularly take 3-400 losses, arcs and online.
Lost 1000-1500 a few times in pick and mix. Long since given that ridiculous game up!!!
Hard to be arsed to go out out when the best result is a small % of a bad downswing back, but what is harder is carrying on when the 1st couple of units anally rape you!
Of course there can always be something in the depths of your mind egging on a massive spin that can get it all back, and instantly get you to forget the hard losses. Potentially devastating consequences if it goes wrong though!

I suppose it is better to have a few hundred quid at £40 a spin on captain venture like rocknrolla than 5,10,20k on half of the wheel?!!
(02-08-2018, 02:31 PM)ob Wrote: Lost 1000-1500 a few times in pick and mix. Long since given that ridiculous game up!!!

Yeah, a lesson I have learned a few times!

Still when you are reeling from a string of bad results 500 500 135 looks like a reasonable punt, until you are 550 in for the bronze.
Of course that's a 500+ win for Buddy....
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Easy to do a monk plus in for a pot so hardly appealing whatever the pots.

I do load them up occasionally god knows why as I might actually be tempted on pots like the ones you just mentioned!
Yeah I think loading them up is habit/mindset that day!

If I am not tilted I wouldn't dream of getting locked in, may try 40-50 but most likely don't even look. Generally that's services at end of day with no other options! Same with MP, if your lucks out a decent punt can fuck you out of several hundred, and these losses hurt a bit more when a good day on "playables" is half of what it was 2 years ago (if you are lucky).

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