Has Sky Vegas disabled demo play?
I've not done real play online gambling since last year, but I still dabble with demo play on Sky Vegas.  Usually anything that I see as a B3 e.g. Reel King.  On the screenshot, there is a yellow button with real play.  There should be a red button next to it that says demo play, roughly underneath the POTTY letters but it's not there.  I on a VPN but did check beforehand that I'm using a UK-based server.

Is this the case for you fellas too?

[Image: u9YSY8I.png]
Was working yesterday on free play
IIRC demo play was only available if you weren't logged in but I self excluded years ago
@ PMK - do you see something that I don't see from the screenshot? Do you have to be logged in now?

@ W1cked - I've always been able to play without needing to log in. Do you need to log in now? If that's the case, then I have self excluded too so guess that rules me out. A shame because I liked playing Reel King, Ooh Aah Dracula, Imperial Dragon etc on demo, like with playing the fruity emulator with demo money.
Just checked.

Free play is only available if you are logged in it seems.

This was on my iPhone I might add.
Thanks for checking PMK. I tried on my laptop and tablet too and it was the same. Looks like Sky has now "paywalled" it to active members only.
Just un-self exclude and put deposit limit on.

If you can do that!!!
Just make a fake account just for demo play.

Ahhh just tried making a new account and it needs a valid phone number to send a security code to.  I've had the same phone mobile number since year 2000 (no landline in this house) and Sky will cotton on that the number is linked to a banned/excluded account.  I guess I'll have to just un-ban myself lol

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