Arcades need to get cracking
Just spent a couple of days in and around Skegness. Fuck me it's worrying how many arcades have a shit load of machines that still only accept the old £1 coin. With a cutoff date of October 15th looming before it ceases to be legal tender, some outfits have a shed load of work to do.
You can still take the old coins into banks for a limited time and swap them, but should you even be accepting them out of a machine? You probably wouldn't if given it one in change from a shop.
Equally worrying is how many classics will become unplayable after this time as they essentially can'r be upgraded due to the old tech.
I've already adapted to a pocket of new and a pocket of old pound coins for certain locations I visit.
The new pound coins also seem to be causing bother with the slots, as there are so many attributes to qualify a coin to be accepted, that some slots can be converted to only then stop accepting them as they are more complex in design.
Bring on the virtual credit card for arcades! Let's get rid of dirty fingers for ever.
All arcades are interested in these days is making sure the £500 machines accept all legal tender!
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played a 321 earlier. 240 in and it's up to 325. just took a monk coin and fucked it off.
321 Brave that!
no just pissed off!

Marching on together
£240 in for a £4 increment?

Incredible play. What's the clue?
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Raises the question though... If it's still X £5 per B3, do the £5s have to accept legal tender, or is them simply being there enough?
Heh, more like they need to get Crack in. :D Not been in an arcade for absolutely ages to be honest. Never a fan of the atmosphere within most of the ones I've known.

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