Matchplay darts
Who else had a punt on Taylor at 20 odd/1, thought it was worth a punt for a score wish I'd done more as it may well be his last, couldn't believe it when I saw him at 20s! Couldn't resist laying and taking the 250 raise but do fancy him to beat peter wright tbf!

When you're on betfair you sit looking at that cash out thinking shall I shan't I and inevitably you end up pressing the button and taking the raise! Got England on the cricket aswell that cashed out, pussy cash outs both off them tbh, walking that without a load of rain England are but it's 1.26 and it's not much more to win so fuck it!

Best cash out was the t20 thing eng vs West Indies they needed 19 of the last over West Indies I was on England for a load and thought fuck it cash out at like 1.12 or something and they actually got it West Indies! Think these type of things stick in your mind rather than the load of times the cash outs fuck you out of that extra bit!

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