Note acceptor mod
Was in two minds whether to post this but it's really a warning for people to check the note acceptors before they play. It's the red type that take and pay notes (not the neon type).

I'm in the local pub this dinner and an engineer turns up in front of the machine with the duty manager. I hear part of what the engineer says as follows:

'I'll tell you what I'm doing here ...' he points at the note acceptor

'What we thought they were doing was drilling into them but ....' he then does something with his hands to show some kind of square device

He then opens the machine - opens the note holding part and just takes out the red plastic bit - he then puts in a new one he produces from his bag. That's it all done in less than 5 minutes.

So check your note acceptors - someone obviously had found a way to 'fool' them but it seems it's now sorted.
informative post , thanks for the heads up

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