Betcom Note/Reel errors et al
It seems that there are so many of these occurring that I begin to wonder if it's deliberate. For quite some time now, the various manus have tried to go down the 'totally electronic' road only for them to bomb because no one likes or trusts them. Perhaps this is the latest attempt? Make so many machines fuck up constantly thereby increasing engineer visits/hand pays etc, increasing the overall costs of running machines so that pubs etc ask for electronic machines instead. Or is it just because the manus are cheap bastards lol  :D
I think it's because they are cheap bastards mate, but might inadvertently be a factor in more digital units sited long term
Betcom don't have their own digital product so I doubt it's that. Also it would not be in their interests for machines to break, but it certainly raises questions somewhere down the chain.
the electronic machine fuck up all the time too though!
I blame the mobile phones, it's a well known fact that using a mobile near a machine causes it to behave oddly & start paying out.

And given how many people have phones now it's surely not a coincidence?
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Or you could take dondplayers advice and just check the notey for signs of any tamper... 'cause that won't look dodgy at all.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Not like the digitals are any better.

Had a blue print completely freeze when attempting to collect £1 a couple of weeks ago.

And had an IPUB pay out £1 per minute once. Off and on got it to spit £10 at once but then back to 1 minute per pound. That was a fun £100+ bank collect.
I saw a £2 coin wedged into the note mech on a boom time the other day
Pesky kids!
Seen 2p wedged in a next level. Didn't realise it was there and was already 30 in when I ran out of coins and the notey wouldn't take notes, so vip coin changer to the rescue! When collecting I called the manager over in case, anyway notey made a noise, out popped 2p with the note which explains why it wasn't working lol
Would have defo siphoned that out lol! I.e. Collect 10 coins play a 25p credit then take another 10 coins etc!

Do it on all unreliable things i.e. Betcons that have broke before. Annoying to get lumbered with shit load of coins but better than a poxy iou
I'm known quite well in there plus it's a decent supplier I've not had issues from before on things like that.
The worst is when it fucks up, then you give it a reboot only for it to alarm straight away without showing your bank! Good luck getting your IOU then, I once had a Power Play in Spoons do me out of £150 I mean it had already malfunctioned by repeating the bells but after a lengthy several month battle with Spoons and Gamestec I just gave up and ensured their engineer bill would exceed £150 via other means!
Yeah I lost £170 odd in Cobham services on that Drunken Clam, paid the first three fine then siezed up, plugged it and alarmed as soon as i turned it back on. Called quicksilver who were apparently in charge of that place and they were bloody useless so eventually we just had to cut our losses
£5 note crashed an Ipub this morning. Switched it on and off again no use.
Bar manager 'takes' my name and number on the back of a menu sheet. No date, no amount, no info just my name and number on a random scrap of paper lol.
I'll make sure I'll get it back but it's ridiculous the way they do it imo
Here's a question that some of you will know the answer to straight away:

Talking of Betcom (and similar) I've not had many notey errors - only one of which stole a tenner. However all those have been with the neon type notey that changes colour.

Is the red notey any more or less likely to error and any more or less likely to steal a tenner ?
Similar. The flat neon notey is by far the most prevalent so obviously you get more of them break by number. Had at least 50 note errors on betcoms (a lot more probably than that) how on earth have you only had 1!!!!! Yesterday I saw 5/7 juggling jackpots style machines off, you'd think there was an empty if that was a bfm gsme!!!
(09-12-2017, 10:08 AM)ob Wrote: how on earth have you only had 1!!!!!

Only 1 steal a tenner - more than that have errored but a repower, etc meant I got ALL my money back
They always nick the tenner on reboot, never seen one not do it!!!
Played 6 machines today. So far all 6 of them have note errored. This is a bit of a piss take now. 4 betcoms on this list btw.

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