Note mech error diary
Monopoly boom time 69 bank collected the first 10 fine not error second time got a member of staff did the same again got everything out minus 20 claimed for

Deal daddy 50 from a pick me first 10 coin fine froze up for manager to 're boot he witnessed the bank reboot pay unit error well done fuck tec 60 owed in a few hours
How the fuck do you get a 69 bank on a Boom Time in the first place?!
edit that 68 33 odd from a boom time choose me game with its my birthday active for double offer which i dealt and it repeat was shocked
That happened to me once on a BoomTime about thirty quid.
I switched it off and on again and got £12 or something.
Folk in the bar were saying 'Do it again lad" or whatever so I did while talking to the staff - another handful of coins but still said £32 on the display
Barman comes over and does it a couple more times...its jsut coming out in drips and drabs but I'm aware I've made a lot more than I actually won lol so I kind of say "That's fine mate" even though it had a tenner or so on the display. Made an extra 30/40 quid! Shot out of there quick mind.
Few days later had a peep in it'd been replaced.

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