New record?
So earlier I put £213 in a corn of the dead for it to go red.
That was the first red it had done in all that money and flashed
Reforced £235 in total for £100
Reforced and was £335 in before it caved and did £150
The decided to cost £33 for a dead board then span in £15
Lost about £200 on it
I won't be forcing any more betcoms/g squared anymore 
Done well lately but this has brought me back down lol

Ah well shit happens
You played one just after it had done a 150. That's what happens lol!  Will happen a lot these days! It's not a record cost for red I think that's about 250ish. 

People seem to have some inane notion that keeping on top off them is some sort of good plan! Good luck with that!!!!
I've done £290 in a Moo before it caved. Ridiculous! Beware the dirty deal board opening 1st board, then never showing again until you're a ton in!
Even SFTS was doing that dirty deal board shit. Got caught short on one that did 2 moves dead. LONG time back now but always have contempt for that machine.


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I like how the deal game was done on sfts
If it costs that much to go red why the fuck would u reforce??!!!

Clearly fucked.
On tilt I guess. Agreed should have left it after the first
I've had a couple of cheap £100's off the coffins, maybe you've walked onto it after someone got lucky.
More likely it's cost for red (i.e. 130 plus) then done 150. That's obliterates then for the next player. 190 plus for red from that point.
Had a few 230-250 for red on various ones over the last few months.
TBH only play these when out on piss with mates.

Going 2 or 3 ways so you know it's very hard to brain out but may cover the odd round.

Pointless games for anything else. For every 2 or 3 that go in cheap they'll be one lurking that wants 170-200
Didn't use to be the case a fair while ago but yeh is true now Paul! Get way too over forced and at least 50% of them will cost 130 plus for red! Unless you're in a stashed pub, then you stand a chance!
I played 3 today, 1st 195 in it luckily gave 150. second one about 15 miles from 1st i only played because a playable was flying in same place - 165 for flat but got pulled back in against my desire for 210 for 150. 3rd i see is happy as fuck and punter doesn't collect anything after being offered a 15 shot so figure i have to slot on - 146 for flat and scraped couple scabby deals to get that bank up to 119.

fair play to betcom for creating a game that can get so many 40-50 quids off of someone like me.
played a corn earlier. went to collect from a shitty spoons what i assumed would be 100 if anything and not 120 owed, but got the full load.
6 in and it michael shumacher'd. someone had broke the exchange button though. left it exchange ready.
Yeah seen that on a few!

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