Digital cat Cs - better or worse
I've never had a decent result from the latest batch of digital Betclones. Do they have totally different code, or is their reluctance to cwedit bweak a factor of them not being played?

Are there any digitals people prefer? The only time I did well on one was an old DOND juice cabinet which gave GATW for £210 with about £3 in.
A casual walks upto digi, first he has to choose your specific game, odds well against in itself. Him and the next ten alike may not play it.
If a random does choose it, Then he likely plays one or 3 boards and collects or leaves, maybe evens or up or down a fair few quid. Maybe smashes 15 quid profit.
14 other casuals play different games with a similar style.
8 days later, another casual manages to pick your game. Puts in 20 for 5 back.
Few days later, Some guy takes it full on for the crack. Loses 35quid.. luckily not 85.
You come on it out of boredom a few days later, put in 170 for either 150 or 100.
Needs 5 months to recover before you can even consider that punt again.
If one person gets ms during that 5 months, while probably losing anyway, You fooked.
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Too many games. On all variants. Last count on an ipub was 40 odd games!
Individual payouts was a selling point, if they could get rid it would be a sharkers dream. Watch a guy do his balls on X, choose the best game to yank out the value.
Reduce it to three games maximum, then they might build up some value.
They don't need to do that because the industry just want pubs full of random games...
they deliver games that make money for the ops

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