DOND - Dream Offer
Anyone got any pictures of this?

5 Reeler with a Double DOND game, can't find any pictures of it, Cheers!
5 reels? It's a decade clone... amma right?
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Nah he's in about the one with an offer button and jack queen king on the reels. Seen one ever in a services
This one was simpler I think. More HHH style


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noos lla uoy ees
Yeah I vaguely remember someone mentioning a 5-reeler in the early £70 era?
I have a video of this somewhere
Marching on together
Marching on together
Not that one fenso.

There was either an early £70/late £35 era 5-reeler supposedly. Never saw one myself. Can't remember if I saw a pic of one or not.
Appreciate all the responses. I believe it is early £70 era, remember reading it was a HotHotHot style machine, reel symbols are Cherries/Lemons/Melons/Red 7's & Phones. No holds either. Max reel win appears to be £50 with a full set of red 7's.

When you get 3 or 4 phones you can gamble to get the 4/5 phone game, it does have features on it, but not sure how you get those. Bankers Bonus button has some LED's around it that flash red/blue, maybe when a feature is offered?
Bankers bonus/features randomly trigger during play.
That's the one I thought of too fenso.

Don't think I've ever seen this
Well after enough bumbling around I'm left with this, can't comment on accuracy having never seen one, giving a fair game as it stands.

[Image: 2a7c6f914c6b74403525f1b25484f10b.jpg]
I can see why this failed test, it's shit!

Almost like a very early test version of Win Fall actually, at least this one gets on with it a bit!
Thanks to Reg for the picture, Seeing it now I did have one of these sited locally for less than 2 weeks, it was replaced by a HotHotHot i'f im not mistaken (or one turned up a few months after).

[Image: 46e381f31cfa6f53a3b2271e8df4a0b3.jpg]

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