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Hello all. Looking for some help/ideas for a few levels for our next slots challenge. Looking at doing less levels, so as not to have a video that runs for nearly 2 hours again. Just playing the slot for X spins is a little samey, 1 idea someone had was to do more levels were we need to play for a specific bonus and count re-triggers etc. I have no idea how JG won the last one, as he is usually really unlucky on everything haha.

Hope that gold pot drops soon too, otherwise it will be going over £300 haha :D


JG's Slot Video Channel 
You could play a version of 'round the clock' like darts, both have same line up of machines, move on once a bonus/feature is achieved regardless of outcome. Race it out to the final machine?
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megastreaklover01, Mr Move It
Yeah that sounds like fun. I like the idea of a race as JG is slow :D
Quick spins on for that one. Anddddddddddd ROW
I wasn't slow sprinting back to that car park in Scarborough when we discovered it was closing and we had about 3 minutes to get back from the sea front.
been locked in to car parks a couple of times, so gutting! prefer to get back to a clamp, at least you can be on your way.
With sufficient lock picking skills or an angle grinder I'm assuming.
lol no i meant after waiting and coughing up! only had a 2 in my life, last one was £155 iirc, think 1st one was £90 odd. do hate those cunts though?!
Just take the wheel off and leave it. Put spare on
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Mr Move It
Didn't know that was possible? Can they do anything like trace you and start demanding charges?
Wouldn't be worth doing that personally but good strategy if low value wheels, bet plenty of people have paid up more than their wheels cost!
To be honest I've no idea. I've read all sorts of things like that over time lol I'm led to believe as long as you don't damage the clamp it's fine
(06-13-2017, 05:52 PM)Slasher Wrote: To be honest I've no idea. I've read all sorts of things like that over time lol I'm led to believe as long as you don't damage the clamp it's fine

I heard that too but it was years back

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