The fast forcus
Yeah all incarnations could do that, bar the £100 which is the safest. Had a £50 first climb on £70 Pokermania in Wolves Quickies yonks ago. £500 later vowing never to play the game again.
Did do £140+£210+£140 staggered for a respectable loss, but nause as could have a had a near £50 raise for seconds work.

Even the £100 one can do £50 then die and want a ton back. I don't think I've heard of anyone going deeper than 2 for a top though. Paul?

Those golden pokers were London specials, so rare up here. I think Casino Royale in Kidderminster had one and that was it for Birmingham!
Those 70 manias could be brutal! Had one cost 700!

100 one is very flat in comparison, not gonna do brains on it that's for sure. The flip card cms standalone 500 one which was uber rare was good but very very rare and dissapeared quickly!
yeah i wasn't sure what they were capable of but at 300 in and seeing they lose the 3 all day long for 80 quid and not wanting to get involved i was unsure they were anything like the 100. obv that ended in worst case! won't put a penny in any incarnation of poker machine now til after xmas min!

highlight of my poker career was doing $3000 in vegas 100 hand poker at $50 a go, lasted 20 mins max!
Even the poker man himself big TC is cursing those Fortune Hunter FTL etc multigame cabs in the arcs, vowing not to play them again.
To dondplayer: know what you mean about the betcoms not making their mind up... First time it's happened to me today corn of the dead red white red red red red white white white red white red gives it...
How much did Corn of the dead cost.
I played one the other day 95 for red ms 150 &  17.01 win next board of deal or no deal & the bonus gamble gave double.
So 95 in 185 out.
They usually take the absolute piss for me but this one was alright, 100 for 150. First one I've made on out of the last 6 or 7 I've played
afterplay on a corn, half the time it's 30 for 2 boards and good luck on getting much?
Played a JJ today after work, freshly sited in the little pub over the road from my house and it was really going from first board! Took 120 to go flat which I didn't think was good enough so I carried on. It was auto collecting every win and I was thinking what the hell kind of weird program is this on! (Now I'm back home I'm thinking shit the collect button was probably just stuck down)

But anyway it takes about 60 back and does absolutely naff all, few 2 pound wins off the deal and I'm suddenly left with a dilemma, 5 and jackpot left with the res gamble. The 39+10 would have been pretty much money back but I thought screw it and went for it and it was actually there, I've had it on MIB a fair bit but first time on that sort of game
TIJ sorry, not JJ
Been OK with betcoms, usually lucky for a small profit of 30 or less. Had one bad result, seems to be there's plenty of punters in my area and not many clued up players which helps.

Done a cash exploder last week, 110 in for flat MS then took a deal board after a tenner which gave 20/3 with lucky lighter on the 3, gambled and ended up with lucky lighter which offered a last option of 10/gold pot(100) and offer was 49.50 so dealt for a 30 profit and only took half an hour.
It happened again, betcom auto collecting the bank for no reason. Gets really bloody annoying when you're playing with notes. Anyone else had this?
less chance of erroring tho! i'd take that....
(07-10-2017, 08:46 PM)dondplayer Wrote: First has swapped the machine surprisingly - it's now a Blackbeard's Bounty (or TIJ) - took it on even though it could have been sited Today - then discovered £1 play button was sticky - carried on - just over 20 in already offering mega game - 29 in it shoots MS red  :-/  - for a flat 100. Play for afters but nothing doing and end up losing 2 quid. So end result 69 up :)

Hit this unit again tonight - just over 20 in bonus gives super stop but I'm not ready for it - OK no guarantee it would give the 100 or even the 50 but a 35 I would probably have took Sad

Not a problem though just over 60 in for MS which did the 150 - probably my best result on one :)

£1 start button still a bit stciky lol
Must have errored for a previous player, or someone who didn't like money was playing it before you.
(07-31-2017, 09:40 PM)JG Sluts Wrote: Must have errored for a previous player, or someone who didn't like money was playing it before you.

I don't know about you but I prey each time it's trying to pay out a note - you hear that whirring noise and think 'is it going to error on this one ?' - kind of a relief when it runs out of tenners and reverts to paying coins lol

A unit with a history of erroring I'd be tempted to do the 25p trick and take a load of coins.
Never thought of the 25p thing. Will do that when playing for afterboard

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