Save hyperlynx campaign
(06-18-2017, 09:46 PM)HoveSam Wrote: Just saying that most things can and do affect all players in differing levels, some realise it and some don't, not necessarily all bad either.

No real opinion on Hypa, Timmy and Co's videos but would be happy to hear some druggy type player had beaten the fuck out of Timmy the gimp, and to a lesser extent a dry slap to Hypa and maybe his fruit smashed when 150 in!

People like Playford, Hypa, Dude have their opinions based on their understanding and knowledge and spout like they difinitively know. It's a bit like me going on the Universy Forums and saying their is only this world and it's flat and trying to either frustrate the fuck out of Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox etc or just outright embarrassing myself and making myself look narrow-minded and ignorant.
You would be happy to hear of violence towards timmy? A man with a illness? You would be happy to hear of violence towards hyper. That's clearly trying to incite violence. 
I've had so called banter with you before, but that's just sick and wrong. Your a cunt. 
I even publicly denounced any acts of hostility to doughboy myself publicly online even though I disagree with him.
Your beyond narrow minded and ignorant, your devoid of a moral human compass. 
You bring violence into a discussion and incite that towards 2 men for what reason Sam?.
Makes you the bigger man?.you might get a like or two from your ilk on here. 
Your a loser and scum. What a inheritently aweful and cruel thing to say. 
If people on here don't see that then the place itself is frankly toxic.
(06-18-2017, 09:57 PM)HoveSam Wrote: Don't watch Timmy and Hypa anymore, was spending too much time so now I combine the 2 and watch this instead

Yeah that's about right for you. 
Alan. Decent fellow who loves his fruits, bullied again by scum like you. 
All this make you feel the big man Sam?..
Laughing at those like Alan and Timmy.
God knows what you teach your kids if you have any, or what kind of life your wife has with such a evil, bitter and twisted individual as yourself. 
If people on this forum, admin including condone this, then your all as bad as each other. 
Your ethics and morals are shameful.
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Cmon thats a bit too far posting that vid, if its for the reason i suspect it is.

Everyones got there own opinions and atleast it keeps the forum busy, but got to atleast keep it civil.
You're the one who continues to visit a forum you so desperately hate you oddball. You started this whole thread for whatever reason so anything in this thread I'd suggest you've incited. Just do everyone a favour and go away.
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megastreaklover01, SmegHead
Anything that gets posted on youtube etc has to have come from somewhere in the first place to reach timmy, hypa or whoever it is in the firing line! Various things have made an appearance on video over the years from people that should know better, and the 70 pound for a board scenario really shouldn't be blamed on players alone but also the programmer(s) who felt that method of control was acceptable in the first place. Just my 2p!!
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Playford - fuck off you waster, I put my opinion down and that is how i feel.

Oh and Dude, lighten up, or are you still bitter at doing that £70 in the alien?
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I also wouldn't mind Mayweather taking a beating from McGregor or seeing a vid of Rocknrolla fucking Playford's mrs and her saying she hates the little faggot but likes the money and free time to gobble cock while the pussy is away at the rig making friends on internet forums.....
rofl at "inciting violence". you first class little cretin.
I like how the bandit was messaging me a while back telling me he'd love to go to Playfords house and give him a shock after he was giving him some shit (without knowing the full story of how his videos work)

Now I've known Steve a while and he comes across as a bloke with morales and standards and probably uses terms like that only if needed. so that just sums Playford up tbh if the bandit hates you then you must really be a bell end!

Spouts his opinion when he doesn't know the full picture an absolute cancer of the internet
Marching on together
This thread is going nowhere. Playford is suddenly an expert on what actions cause players grief and what actions don't apparently. 

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