What's the best Betcom clone for a one fiftaaaay?
Popeye just doesn't. Exploder and jubbling jackpots seem to love it.

Is this code or just a function of how they are played?
They're all pretty similar tbh, you just get ones that look like they do more coincidentally. Toastbusters has been the worst for me, maybe about 25-30% repeats.
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Seems pretty 50/50 really. Last 70 am at 33/37 in favour off flats.
Moo York I've probably had the most flats on.

Pies defo had more £150's

Treasure island is probably my highest % of £150's against flats but I have taken the biggest kicking on a Treasure island too.

Pug life 50/50 not played many tbh
Seem to get a lot of them that should be going in at about 70 then take an extra 50 but do 150 - it's like it's giving you a 150 but for no extra profit.

The thing with Exploder is I'll take a flat for profit rather than push and still risk getting a flat for a loss (which did happen to me once).
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