Bowling alleys etc
does it seem know the bowling is now the most common place for a 3 player now as the rise of the multiplayer machines is here

as i have lost 2 handfulls of 5r deals for 2 sets of 5r bulllion bars batman style

whats peoples thoughs good think or a bad thing
Can you actually make anything on those 5rs?
the hi techs i have got a cheap 10r mega of go all the way a few times thats about it i havent had a mega of a win fall
lol total value!
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as they never go past a 10r anyway as these can do 2 btb megas but they take a 5r of you for a second

midus touch has done one 20 mega then 50 flat 5rs after
The best £5 bellfruit for streaking was LOTR fellowship. Great machine.
The only streak you'll be getting in the near future is a penny chew streak
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