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Let's be honest with Robs luck you'll be having it off anyway.

Must admit I like the idea of this Team Rob vs Team JG. Just need make sure JG knows the challenges and how to use the software properly lol
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Good concept for sure, but 1.45hr is a long time to keep people's attention. Also HUGE is a bit misleading. £130 isn't exactly huge when other youtubers are chucking out 4 figures, even though their prizes are aimed at sign ups when i believe yours are open to anyone? JG sounds like a snooker commentator and do you get that excitable in real life AMK? Yes I'm aware your Scouse, but it all sounds a bit forced. Glad to see you're trying something different as online slot streaming/videoing can quickly become samey.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Thanks for comments mate. The slots challenge was quite fun actually, I got a bit carried over competitive and someone slated me for swearing too much lol. I think we will do it again, It was really hard to get the challenge to fall within the hour, I do agree that 1.45 mins was a bit much. The video was 43 GIG haha :D

I like the idea of getting the viewers more involved, hopefully the new "pots" thing we are doing will create a little more excitement. Just want to be different than whats on offer, take a risk and see how it works out :) Rob
I wouldn't sweat the swearing too much, it's a gambling channel ffs. What do people want all P's & Q's on an channel that targets 18+.

Saying that caught my 7 year old watching some cartoon on YouTube (Is it just my 7 year old, or are they all at it?) the other month, only to casually hear fucking this and cunt that. This was on the YouTube kids app as well! Tried getting them out to build a go-kart, nope, a clothes peg gun, nope, a den, nope nope nope. It's all just iPads and Youtube, Instargram, Snapchat bollocks. I feel old.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
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megastreaklover01, Mr Move It
Good post JP 24/7. I started swearing in primary school :P

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