Always read the small prink folks
So I caved and decided to have a quick tenner online after work today, deposited at a site which offered 200% bonus and 50 free spins so I thought that was a pretty decent call.

Decided to go on Bonanza at 40p, rolled in the feature pretty quickly and went pretty big, £90 odd quid.. so I play a few other games and I'm up to £120 and play that Dragon Born slot on 80p, gives me a 4 diamond trigger after about 200 spins which went pretty shit like £13 so I thought fuck it I'm staying for another, few spins later it gives me a 5 diamond trigger and it just goes absolutely ballistic, big win after big win and the feature goes £671, over the moon.  I decide to go to Silver Lion, it's a bit like raging rhino and an old favourite of mine for wagering so I'm playing that at 2 quid a spin and get the bonus.  It only goes and rolls me in the 3 wild combo for 3x2x2 with some green dudes at either and and the feature hits for £700, can't believe my luck off a tenner deposit!
I go to Neon Staxx to see out the tiny bit of wagering I had left and my autospins stop a bit early, I clock my balance and it's £80.

Yeah, a balance pushing £1500 just "randomly" drops to £80.  I look around trying to figure out what the fuck's happened, and go read all the terms and conditions of the Welcome Bonus.  I read right near the bottom of the page that the maximum conversion is fucking 4* the bonus amount.  Writing me up has helped me vent some rage but it's my own fault, I should always read that shit before depositing.  All you online gamblers out there make sure you don't make the same mistake as it's pretty gut wrenching!

It's just wrong that. Surely that's shaving percentage off the games... But then again I suppose it's added on with bonuses and cash outs so... Still bollocks. Cunts.
bonuses are not worth shit these days
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What site was this?
Marching on together
"Fruity vegas"
Ah that sucks mate I've been caught out with this sort of stuff before. I've learnt my lesson!
Marching on together
Yeah I felt so mugged off, it tilted me at first but I've chilled out and thought about it and I reckon it's a good enough reason to stay offline and not cave again, greedy bastards out for all our money. Think i'll stick to compensated games
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yeah even a tiny deposit like that then a few low ones you "don't mind losing" and somewhere down the line a crazy loss/series of losses will inevitably occur!
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Sounds like a Nektan site.
If you had won from your original tenner and not dipped into bonus money, you can withdraw and just forfeit the bonus money,
Yeah I was able to do that on another site a couple of years ago, was just dabbling with the whole online scene then and I was playing some game on 50p, managed to hit 3 lines of the top symbol with a wild x2 in the bonus like 3rd press for a ridiculous 2400x stake and withdrew the whole lot..
That was all it took though and many times that withdrawal went back through over the next couple of years. I personally found it so difficult to moderate my online gambling as there was always that chance of that massive hit on low stakes. Was going strong for several months though so time to get back off it
Still, at least you had the brief feeling of knowing what it's like to run like OB.
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Mr Move It

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