FYI it's not the "Midas touch" it's the "mince truth". Thank you.
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and there both the same game anyway as batman is just another skin of bullion bars

and how does anybody win of the 5r astras on these 5 pound challenges as they normally take 25 to 50 pound to go up once for a flat 2 quid 6 times in a row before 1 flat poor 5
batman wasnt a £5 challenge this is not a £5 challange and i know there same game but as i found out people are now more learning towards batman because of the skin and the sound effects
Forget World War 3

First we have the war of mr x vs RETRO MACHINE
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hope mr x wins and sends retro to youtube, which IS a video hosting site!
A bag of shit, a big 9k bag worth of shit.

Didn't realise it only had the option for CAT D & CAT C lite either!

It's about time that CAT D became 20p £10, can't believe it's not moved in all this time. .
Obviously because they couldn't manage to flog any on £100!

Tony reminds of a cross between Arthur Daley, Barry Beffel and Retro Machine

Maybe Retro you could ask for an affiliate link with RMLS - perhaps for the >18 market
Are you looking for serious players and not jokers???


Had a laugh at that video with the lame dance music and the flat top
the new batman isnt that good as no arcades in west yorkshire or south yorkshire as one even adrimals wont as site them as they tried the 3 player bullion bars in a few and they wasnt popular

i know a few 5r bullion bars wow units but they dont really wow me as they take a lot for multiple crap tops and flat streaks

thats why i dont touch the coast much these as thats all i will see these days back to back with a selection of hi techs on lovely 70% just like the lotechs 3 and 4 players so thats why i wouldnt trust the 80% stickers lol

btw i havent got a problem with the orginal posters video but he did ask whats the best and my answers neither of them
I concur. Their really is no WOW in those cabinets unless your 12 and if you win £5 off 20p
I`d like to see the original poster raise a float first before considering a committed response.
if my videos bother u guys that much then dont click on my post its that simple
We're not hating on the vids on this thread, we're hating on the machines
I dont mind watching the odd Bullion/Batman video but IMO those games are a crock of shite, awful compared to Party Time etc and I'd never put a quid in myself.


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

noos lla uoy ees
It's not the videos per se, more the overload of what 99.9% of the people who frequent this board would label crap. So if you stick to just the one thread for everything you want to share that has no relevance to the rest of the board then I think you'll find no further problems. You're happy posting. That 0.01% are happy watching and the rest are just happy not seeing the crap.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
the videos are never the problems but the machines are getting worse as you cannot sit on a machine for 45 recording getting non stop flat small very small win tops i,e xs or £1s on party time as you will lose your will to live and get barred

as my record 2 pound tops only nothing is around 8 different units 15 quid losses each time as all 8 units i.e 2 and a half full 3 players was all x's no 5 pound wins

as these days i would rather play the old bullion bars party zone you will get a bar streak but for 45 mins play to lose a tenner and to get a few wins including a jackpot and a 6 pound bar streak i would count my selfs lucky

my worst results was 60 in a party time arena in scarbrough for 1 5 pound win and about 18 x wins the x wins was put back in
60 in a bullion bars 5 pound 10p 2 5 pound wins 1 5r win no top board

i have done a row on a 5r big one 20 quid gagging from the off red reels and letters [doesnt allways stay on low stakes]

in the end i got 2 btb 10r megas within 3 quid apart with another 5r mega

retro if you wont to come to scarbrough i will try to make it to shake your hand to say sorry for being so harsh but you need to give me a months notice
If you need a months notice for a handshake, how long do we need to give for a pint?
The future is much like the present, only longer.
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Gambo, megastreaklover01
Don't forget to pencil in the time factor of mr x travelling there by a horse drawn carriage
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Personally those who just openly record fruits are fucking retarded - I mean actually some cunts stand there, holding their phone in front of the machine, they openly tell the bar staff that they are recording videos for youtube. Are you fucking stupid? As if places arent fire enough as it is.
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