RETRO MACHINE's video diary 2017
is it like in Skegness? Banned from one, banned from all? :D
Unfortunately the vast majority of places do not allow filming on their premises. It might be a public place but it's private/commercial property and they're entitled to ask you not to film. It isn't however against the law unless you subsequently use the footage for nefarious purposes or cause alarm harassment or distress through your actions. They are not entitled to ask you to delete footage unless they have grounds to suspect that an information governance clause has been breached. Cleary in this case it hasn't, you're purely filming a machine and not individuals and the audio isn't invasive either.
Barred for filming? Well well, what a surprise. When will the likes of Hypa, Timmy etc learn - you simply cannot just whip your phone out for hours on end filming fruit machines. It causes too much fire for the proper gamblers who punt £100s a week. Regarding them wanting the footage deleting, well - you have been filming on their property without their permission, so why shouldnt they ask for it to be deleted? Ok if the guy called you a wanker or whatever (which ironically isnt on film...) - so I can understand ever so slightly why you might feel angry about the barring, but if you retaliate with whatever you have said to him - well he is gonna call you all and sundry isnt he?
and if its the arcade i am thinking of retro will have a instant ban from cleepthorpes brid as the same company owns half of these towns

and the number 1 rule dont put where your filming in the video keep it private

number 2 dont film in a family arcade as you dont film when theres kids about !

number 3 is if you get caught filming and machine short pays you wont get your short pay back but a clip round the ear
One hundred percent agree with mr x there.
As now a load of videos have been done in coastal town's the places will be burnt now more then as if I seen a playable on a video I wouldn't be happy

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