Hypalinx popeye again
Has anyone ever had the red gamble chance from hint land on no on any of these? It hasn't for me in about 10000 attempts! Why bother saying yes/no if it is 100% yes??
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Yeah I was just about to say that lol
Had a weird 1 on this last night. It's newly sited I'd gone in for something different, I don't tend to get on with these, there's probably a top boy method going on but they just always seem to cost £120+ to go in and then send me around the houses afterwards trying to get profit out of it.

Anyway the 1st 3 boards where very dead, £3 shot then dead, £3 shot then dead £5 shot then dead although it didn't cost an astronomical amount for them 3 boards and it was full 1st quid (Probable refill tho) the 4th board shot £10 which lightened my mood a little.

I decided the forcus was an inevitable conclusion so slipped a £20 in plus started putting some coins in getting ready to blank out the following 10 mins of usual rubbish however I did want to see if it opened the chests next board.

Whilst playing the next board for chests it decides to build up the stash meter to gone past £30 and with the use of a life and add again I got the stash to £42 which put me in a dilemma as I was fairly time restricted and these are probably the slowest of Betcoms to play, but at the same time I wasn't exactly sure HMI I was, with £5 coins in hand that would make £40 in but I knew some would be in the bank.

I chose to run with a small profit of what I thought would be £20ish profit but alas £8 was tucked up in credits only £10 left in the bank so a potential £52 collect from £35 in seemed like the result unless I snared a board off the remaining £8 credits, which of course I did, 1st cash shot £1, 1st move another cash shot £2 3rd move brutus, can I tempt you with an offer of £30.61 you certainly can you little beauty.
Those offers seem totally random. Absolutely no indication that the jackpot is close
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