Hypalinx popeye again

This video is a bit painful. If you skip to about 30 minutes where it's had about £150 off him he thinks he gets GATW on the bonus but it isn't and it kills him. Then he and his mate spend another 20 minutes bitching about it.

More to the point, why won't Popeye do £150? I'm told if you get megastreak from gamble in the galley (That's Galley, not Gallery) it can, but you can't play for that so it's almost as pointless as the £100 cashpot
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which you can also only win from the gamble, yeah I've heard that's the only way to get £150 otherwise it'll be a flat
That's doing that rounds that bollox method eh!!!
I've had 200 off galley (£2 pound in box lol) then a 80 cash pot next board! See it do its cashpot after MS loads of times. Very strange machine...
They used to bust for the 100 cashpot (not good for it, just could happen) and I had it off the white gamble a few weeks ago. This and starpaws are the better betcoms out there if you ask me
Why do people still play for Wimpy if it's hit the 100 shot, now that people know it's pretty much guaranteed a flat? It's like a flat 100 with a side of reel error chance.


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(04-23-2017, 09:34 AM)kfcandanal Wrote: I've had 200 off galley (£2 pound in box lol) then a 80 cash pot next board! See it do its cashpot after MS loads of times. Very strange machine...

£200 megastreak?
Yep they can do it
So the way to play pipeye is just take box 23?

Would be a great strategy if it didn't cost £50 to deal
Also if you could know when to take it etc
Luckily mine cost me 8 quid, was New Year's Day and was hungover to hell
Ask Timmy, he will clue you all up.
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kermithopper, megastreaklover01
Presumably all those times people try and forcus it and spend over £100 on a flat is where it saves its value.
This might be a good machine with an honest Box23.
It's a cack machine to chase, too many £15 spells on the red trail 7 only to get shafted after 4 quid. Worth a tenner if you know it's had some in before but like a lot of machines nowadays a £10 repeat shot first board means f'all
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For me it's the best of that little bunch:

TReasure ISland - this is the worst. Although I'm a little bitter as i missed a 'super stop' or whatever on the bonus today. But generally this game messes with you loads. Plus so many units seem to switch themselves off for some reason. I played one yesterday and when I moved on to another maching the alarm started going off ffs. Then it started reloading itself. Something not right about it.
Jiggery Jackpotery and Star Paws - these are even for me. But it's tiring when you go out and you're basically constantly playing the same fking game. Begin to doubt my sanity!!
Pipeye - I dunno. This seems a bit fairer than the other three and less likely to fck you around. It looks better too.
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They're all the sodding same ffs!!!!!
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well ob, i think we met b4 in services. if its u dunno??? might be?? ( long shot)) anyways oxford had old games, it was funny in cunty way to turn up mortal wombat on full whack and wait for some1 to play you could here in the carpack. they had austin powers there and a vamp (maybe a shark raving) cant remember but it was funny to hear it!!!! and a new unit youd get 3 out of it as u ob!!!
ob is your realname mark
to be fair blueprint/g whatsit do do some decent cabs shame the games are wank... this is my sin, i watch some1 else a popeye while i forced it myself. it was a raise of............... WAIT for it 5 quid
bring back the vivids, maybe shitcom could clone em - imagine a cardshark on there version of gameplay it would be watching a crap film on 0.2
I'd generally say blueprint art work looks really tacky but G2s usually looks great
I'm not mark turbovamp btw!

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